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Remember the Easter Pug!


Every year we do an “Easter Pug” picture, and most of the time, it was Gadget. One of those pictures (the one with this post) is today’s picture in the Cute Overload 2010 Page-A-Day Calendar.

We miss you Gadget!

We’re not doing Easter Pug pictures this year, but you can click to see our previous Easter Pug pictures.

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Life goes on…

Although we are still very sad that Gadget is not with us anymore, life goes on. Marigny hasn’t made much of an appearance on Urban Pug yet, and I’m happy to report that Gizmo gets along great with BOTH of his sisters now. Martine has been “raised by pugs” so to speak, so there’s absolutely nothing odd to her about this first picture that I took this morning. Tonight, though, I managed to snap a somewhat decent shot of Martine holding Marigny with Gizmo sitting next to both of them.


Gadget – Final Update

To all Urban Pug fans: It is with tears in our eyes that we must report that Gadget just passed away. A piece of our family and of our hearts is gone. I will post a fitting tribute at some point, but right now it is too difficult. You were our baby boy Gadget. We loved you as you loved us–unconditionally.

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Gadget Update

I posted a while back that Gadget had been sick.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t recovered as we had hoped. We had to bring him to the vet, and he’s been staying there for about a week now.

As those of you with dogs know, dealing with this is very difficult, and it’s equally as difficult to talk about it here.  So, please when you read this, say a little prayer for Gadget.  We’re hoping he will get better.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras from Urban Pug!


Black and Gold Saints WHO DAT PUG




All Night Long!

The advantage of having a new pug arrive after your human child is that the new pug doesn’t have the experience of years of sleeping with YOU.  Last night Demi slept all night with Martine in her toddler bed. G&G are too used to our bed to make their way into Marine’s room (but you never know)

Demi was supposed to stay with us for a little while, then go live with my parents, as a companion for their current solo pug, Lexy.  However, last night Martine stayed in her bed ALL NIGHT, even though she woke up and cried.  Somehow, having Demi there kept her in her bed.  If this keeps up, we might just have to keep Demi with us…  or maybe we can train Gadget to sleep there in Demi’s place.

What’s different about this picture?

First, go look at this post and this one.  Take a look at the pictures there.  Then, look at these pictures, and try to figure out the differences.

There are three differences in these pictures.
  1. There is a third pug.  But, the third pug is Demi, not Oopsy.  Oopsy has gone back to live with Tricia’s mother, and Demi has come to New Orleans.  See pictures of Demi here, here, and here.
  2. Gadget has lost 10 pounds.  He’s a lot skinnier — we even had to get him a new collar!! (Although, if you look at the first link to a picture of Demi, it’s a post dated November 11, 2005, where I mention that Gadget is only 21 pounds — he was just about 2 years old, then)
  3. The baby in the picture is not Martine.  It’s Marigny!  Yes, that’s right, we now have TWO human children.  Marigny’s name comes from the Faubourg Marigny, a neighborhood in New Orleans, which itself is named after Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, whose family’s lands became the neighborhood.  Her name is more about being unique (as we have an extremely common last name) and representing our (and her) hometown.  It’s pronounced like “air” and “knee” — Mair-a-knee.  Martine is taking fabulously to being a big sister.  She absolutely LOVES baby.  Here is a picture of Martine holding her little sister:

Way behind on posting!

I’m way behind on posting to the blog, but I promise to keep posting as often as I can.  However, we do have some big news here, as the past two months have been a really long pug-related drama.

First, Gadget started having chronic diarrhea.  When it didn’t go away, we took him to the vet, who gave him a shot and some medicine to take.  That worked for a little while, but after his diarrhea came back for another week, we took him back into the vet.  This time, the vet took some blood and noticed that he had really low “albumen” in his blood, basically, because he had not been absorbing enough nutrients from his food.  At this point, Gadget had gone from about 31 pounds to 24.5 pounds, but the low albumen was causing him to have edema (swelling), making him look as though he was bigger than usual.    So, he had to stay in the hospital.  During his stay, they determined that he had to have a biopsy of his lower intestine in order to figure out what was wrong.  So, they checked out all his organs and took a little piece of his small intestine to deliver to a lab for testing.

Finally, Gadget got to come home, but the end of the story (so far) is that he has some serious food allergies, and he has to eat special food (Hill’s Prescription Diet d/d duck formula) to manage the allergies.  He also has to take some steroids every day in order to manage his allergic symptoms (for now, at least).

Now, he’s home and doing fine.  However, his diet is very limited (he can only eat small quantities at a time), so he’s always hungry!  Moreover, because of his restricted diet (which will increase a little bit over time), he’s lost even more weight… he’s now 21 pounds!  He hasn’t been 21 pounds since he was 8 months old (when he became a champion!!!)

Here are some pictures of him… Notice that he’s much skinnier, and you can see his big stitches!


Houma Pug in need

If you know anyone in south Louisiana who is interested in providing a home for a pug, please check this craigslist ad:


What a weekend!

This weekend was super busy with lots of fun things to do. Of course, the holiday began on Thursday, with thanksgiving. You’ll see here what Gadget likes to do…


Just what everyone else does after dinner, take a NAP!


Oopsy likes the sofa too…  each pug took a person.


And there’s no doubt that Oopsy loves Jessica!


On Friday, we took Martine to Lafreniere Park to feed the ducks.  She doesn’t really understand ducks yet, so she kept running after them, trying to hand-feed them bread.  She would run up to them and say “here you go duck.”  We also took Oopsy to the park.


She loved it, but we couldn’t let her get too close to those ducks!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This is just a fun link to a news story about a dog that works at a drive through! Gadget wants to be at a drive through, but he wants to be ORDERING!

via Stuff.

Also, don’t forget to check out our advertisers during your holiday shopping! Barkslope, FunnyFur, DesignerDoggy. We also get sponsorship from Amazon, who is having a huge black friday sale right now.

New Pics

I’ve got a few new pictures to share. Two of these pictures are just Gizmo with Martine while she’s taking a nap. The third picture is of Martine & Gadget, where we have a sideboard that the pugs use as their “little hiding space.” I think they like going under there because they’re safe and because they know that they are out of the way and won’t have to get up and move when someone walks by. They also know that we never go down there… At least Tricia and I don’t go down there.

Martine has figured out that she can get down there with them.


New Advertiser – DesignerDoggy.com

First, I’d like to welcome our newest advertiser, DesignerDoggy.com, which sells a variety of boutique and luxury dog items.  I encourage you to go take a look at their site, just to see what they have.  Even if you don’t buy anything today, take a look and see what they’ve got.  Maybe something will make a good gift later?

Also, one of the interesting things from their site that’s actually really cool is this Dog Brick Puzzle.  For those of you who don’t know, dogs have an innate need to hunt — it keeps them from being bored.  If you can give them some way to “work” for some portion of their food, it can really help to prevent dog boredom.  This kind of puzzle is one way to make your dog work for some of his food.  By leaving this dog brick puzzle filled with a few treats before you leave the house, it will give your dog something to do while you’re gone!

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Sleepy time for Gizmo

Martine and Gizmo get along fabulously.  Every day before we leave the house, she looks forward to having us take three treats out and give them to her.  She then goes from pug to pug, placing the treats in their mouths.  They’ve totally got her trained, and she loves it!  I even made some pumpkin pies the other day, and she made her way into the fridge, found a butter knife, and scooped out a piece of pie — not to eat, but to give to GADGET!  In other words, it was just like she broke into the fridge and cut a piece of pie for the dogs.   I walked in on this happening, just as Gadget was taking a bite.
This picture is of Gizmo and Martine, asleep.  She loves to sleep with the pugs, still, and, as you can see from this picture, they love to cuddle up with her.

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