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Archive for December, 2006

We’re Moving!

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We’re Moving!

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

We’re in the process of moving. In the course of boxing things up, I just had to take this picture.

Anyway, we’re moving from a condo to a house due to a severe space shortage. So… Gizmo and Gadget won’t technically be “urban pugs” anymore. they’ll always be urban at heart, but soon, they’ll be Suburban Pugs.

Have a Merry Pug Christmas, Everyone!

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Gizmo Loves Paris

So, my sister won a trip to Paris. She called in to win a CD on the radio, and she won. Then, she was entered into a drawing to win a trip, and she won. It was a promotion for her and a friend to go and see a Christina Aguilera concert. Anyway, she had a great time, which included some shopping. She happened to go to a GAP store there, and she saw a Parisian woman with her PUG in the store! She talked to the woman, and said that SHE had a pug, too. (My sister lives with my parents, and they all have Lexy)

Anyway, the woman suggested she buy her pug a sweater like the one her pug had. So, my sister got this sweater for lexy. The picture is of Gizmo trying it on. He loves fashion, but he didn’t particularly like this sweater.

He’d get used to it, though.

Oh, and for male dogs, this gap sweater is much better than normal dog outfits, as it’s “V” shaped around the belly, which means it lets them pee without getting the clothes messy. That’s smart design, there.

Gizmo studies Maritime Law

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Gizmo studies Maritime Law

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

I’m just taking a quick break from studying, before I go to bed, to put a new picture up. This one’s of Gizmo, putting his face into Tricia’s book as she’s studying. If you click on the link, and go to flickr, and look at the “original image” you can even read the text of the book.

It’s maritime law.

Gizmo doesn’t like learning about the outer continental shelf. He likes learning about Paris fashion. (More about that next post)

Useful Pug Products

Norwegian Puffin Dog — the Lundehund

This dog breed has amazing capabilities!

They’re not pugs, but I just found this article.  really neat.

Read all about the Lundehund here

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Belly Band

Just a quick note, because I’m in the midst of law school finals.  Sometimes, we use belly bands on gizmo and gadget.  The ones I got here are really good and reasonably priced (about 10 bucks each for Pugs) — We have 5 of them in assorted colors.

I’m just posting this to take a little break, and the boys are wearing them right now.  It’s not their favorite thing, but they don’t actively try to take them off.  They probably wouldn’t stay on for 8 hours, though.

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