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Archive for September, 2009

Happy Birthday Oopsy!!!

Today, Oopsy is FOUR years old. That means that she was born on September 29, 2005, which means that Oopsy is a “KatrinaPug.” She was born in the aftermath of the storm. A lot has changed since she was born, but we’re still here, blogging and photoblogging all about pugs!

Happy Birthday Oopsy! Time for some Dog Birthday Cake.

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Sad Pug?

I saw a picture of this pug, and posted one of the pics to the Urban Pug Facebook page. Then, I asked people to post their “sad” pug pictures to the Urban Pug Facebook page, too. The results have been amazing! Lots of people have posted. Go check it out (you can check it out even if you don’t have a Facebook account), and if you DO have a Facebook account, please post some of your pics!

You can go directly to all of the Urban Pug Facebook Photos if you like.

Ultra Kawaii – Pug Episode


Useful Pug Products

A Basket Case for Pugs


Martine has discovered playing in the laundry basket, and she has also discovered that it’s a whole lot more fun if you can fit some pugs in there, too. Oopsy is actually the easiest to fit in there, but she only tolerates being in there for so long. Gadget (as you can see in the video) wants absolutely nothing to do with this game. However, Gizmo, I think, actually LIKES being in there. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures or video, but he’s actually kinda relaxing in there, just chillin, putting his chin on the edge of the basket.

After a little while, Oopsy wanted out, but Gizmo didn’t want to get out until everyone else was leaving the room.

Two more pics of Oopsy in a Bag

Martine loves making Oopsy get in this really large canvas bag. Oopsy, not so much. She tolerates it, but only for so long.

Here are a few other pictures of them playing.


Picture Captioning


A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Facebook, and asked people to suggest possible “picture captions.” I said I’d post the best ones to Urban Pug, but I couldn’t decide, so I’m putting all of them here.

Remember, you can become a “fan” of Urban Pug on Facebook, just go to http://www.facebook.com/urbanpug, and click “become a fan.” Then, you’ll be able to get Urban Pug updates in your stream. Anyway, here’s the picture and the captions.

  • Uh oh….don’t think this bag will meet the airline weight limit
  • I swear, Officer, I don’t know how it got into my bag…
  • The culprit of the pug smuggling ring captured!
  • Uh oh! You caught me!
  • It was HER idea, honest! She made me do it!
  • I just do what she tells, me….
  • Shes with me!!!
  • How did this puggie get into my bag and what is that smell?? And where is my lunch??
  • Kisses now come in a handy carrying case
  • Don’t look at me. She’s the one in a diaper!
  • Who farted?
  • Don’t judge! We are on our way to the try outs for the remake of Caddyshack!
  • What did I forget ???…Got me..Got Best Friend…Yes
    I have everything I need.
  • Well, I had a coupon.
  • Martine had a little pug that followed her to school one day. It was against the rules, so what is Martine to do?
  • Have pug will travel…

What’s your favorite? Do you have another suggestion? Leave a comment and let us know!