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Archive for September, 2006

Pug Dog on a Sofa

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Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

We’re busier than ever, but not too busy for Pugs. Gizmo and Gadget have switched to Science Diet “Sensitive Stomach” formula. I think they like it fairly well, and I think it’s solved Gizmo’s sensitive stomach problem.

Also, we’ve found some good treats. Wal Mart sells chicken jerky for dogs, and the pugs just absolutely love it. Gizmo loves it so much he does his, ‘take the food, run and eat it away from gadget’ thing.

This picture is of gizmo resting on the sofa. He just plops down right on the back like this.

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Pug Meetup September 2006

We went to the Pug Meetup this weekend, at Jefferson Feed. There will be a Halloween party next month, which should be fun.

Anyway, I’m just taking a quick break from reading, and I thought I’d post the video I took yesterday.

Oh, also, do you have a specific word that your pugs really respond to? If you say a certain word, do they go crazy? Tell everyone about the word in the forums.

Update: for more info about the new orleans pug meetup group, check out their yahoo group website

Pug Dog v. Miniature Schnauzer

No time for pictures right now, just giving a quick update.

Today, we went on a walk around the block, and there’s this Miniature Schnauzer that’s always barking at us like crazy from inside a window. Well, we saw him today outside, and he was barking at us so much that he was literally choking himself. It’s sad that he is so not “balanced” (as Cesar Millan would say). The dog is either so afraid or so possessive or so whatever, that he is totally not in control of himself.

Anyway, the dog owner was holding her dog back as we passed, but Gizmo and Gadget were doing their “trot” and just sniffing around, like dogs do. The next thing I knew, this other dog had gotten off of his leash and RAN up to G&G backing at them! Before I knew it, he was right there. I was sure that I was going to have to break up a fight, and I got really protective. I know this dog is crazy, and I was expecting to have to get down on into it and break up a fight.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s kinda scary. I dont know how I would have reacted if this dog had actually attacked my dogs. I know this dog is just being a dog and is basically a product of his environment, but in order to protect my dogs, I may have been violent with this other dog. At the very least, he would have gotten a swift, firm kick or two.

After the dog got off his leash, he barked and barked, but when he got up to G&G, he just stood there and sniffed them (although still being aggressive). I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe he would have attacked if given more time. I did get my foot in between him and Gizmo before anything could happen, and his owner did get him back on his leash, but… what if something else had happened?

Certainly, I think that this dog owner needs to take serious precautions with their dog. This dog, known for being really aggressive and violent towards other dogs needs to have special care taken to keep him on his leash. The dog owner probably should use a harness, rather than just a collar, so as not to choke the dog. I think what happened was that she was trying to hold the dog to keep him from choking himself, but ended up taking him off the leash, and then he squirmed out of her arms.

That’s just not right.

Do you have a comment on how to control unruly dogs or how to deal with them? Talk about unruly dogs in the Urban Pug Forums

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Proof of Gizmo’s Weirdness!

Here’s the deal. Gizmo takes a few kernels of food out of his bowl at a time, puts them on the floor, then eats them. We can’t figure out why, but here’s PROOF that he does it.

Happy Labor Day!

pug dog images

Miami Pug Vice

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

We’re taking it really easy this weekend, especially Gizmo. Here, he’s sitting in the sun on the sofa in his new designer shades.