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Jade the Pug from New Hampshire


This is a continuation of our series of “Pugs from Around the World” that began in 2003, when we featured Roxy, the Katrina Pug.

Today’s Pug is Jade, from New Hampshire. She’s five years old and is a rescue who came to live with her current family after her parents passed away. Now, Jade lives with Jennifer and Corey, who Jade charmed immediately just by cocking her head to the side! Jennifer says that Corey and Jade belong to a “Synchronized Snoring Team”, and she thinks they will be taking a top medal in this summer’s Olympic games!!


The picture above is of Jade dressed up in her party dress, with bows, and the picture to the left is of jade wearing her pink Doggles. I really think it’s cute to have black pugs wear pink (girls, of course) because the contrast of pink and black looks really nice.

Anyway, Jade loves to play “bunny” fetch and tug and eat carrots, and she hasn’t met a vegetable she doesn’t like. (Note – Gizmo and Gadget love veggies too, especially broccoli stems) Jade’s also had two litters of puppies, and Jade even gets to visit one of her puppies, Mickey. Also, Jennifer has sent us several pictures of Jade and her son, Mickey, which I have posted Jade’s Gallery. Click the link to go see all of her pictures.

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Shelby’s Pug Halloween Costume

You have to check out Shelby’s halloween costume. It’s one of the best pug costumes i’ve ever seen!

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Happy Pug Halloween

Lots of stuff to post today! We went to the New Orleans Pug Meetup Group’s Pug-O-Ween party this weekend. Here’s the video.

Gizmo and Gadget went as Pigs

Roxy went in a Disney sweater

Others went as sailors, a streetcar, spider man, and a fire hydrant!

Lexy didn’t go, but she had a Tigger costume.

Oh, and don’t forget. Today is the last day to submit your entry into the Pug Poetry Contest.

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Useful Pug Products

Pug Scoot and Other Videos

Well, at least one other person calls it a “scoot.” See the Hypersnortin’ Pug Scootin’ Boogie.

I’ll have some more pictures soon, but if you really need a pug fix, try that link, or this video of pugs that somehow remind me of my own.

While i’m at it, can you believe this one? swinging pugs!!!!

None of these are gizmo or gadget, but I like them anyway. In other news, wedding progress is, well, progressing. The recent development is work on the wedding program (we’re doing it ourselves). I highly recommend Stamp Diva for all your rubber stamping needs.

Merry Christmas

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Here are more pugs from around the world. I dont have any pictures of gizmo and gadget like this, so Meimei and Miko get to bring everyone holiday pug cheer straight from Alberta, Canada.

Meimei is (the Fawn one) 1 1/2 years old, and Miko just turned 4 months old. They’re both very excited to see Santa this year, and they wanted to wish Gizmo, Gadget, and everyone who reads UrbanPug.com a very Merry Christmas!

Meimei’s favorite thing to chase is her baby sister Miko, and they do plenty of laps around the livingroom all day long! They also love to cuddle with each other, once they settle down. Miko loves to chew on anything squeeky – so you can also tell where she is hiding from Meimei with her toys!

Also, we’re going to get to see IVAN today, so hopefully i’ll have some fat-puppy-pics to post with my shiny new Canon Digital Elph SD550 (to replace the S200)

We’re finally back in New Orleans, but the house is doubly a mess from Christmas and from moving, so that’s why I havent been on the ball posting, but things should get back to a regular schedule soon.

West Haven, Connecticut Pug

images of pugs


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Today’s update is another Pug from around the world. This pug is Moseby, and he’s three years old. The cat in the background is his best friend, Bella.

His favorite things to do are sleep, eat (anything, including paper) and run laps around the coffee table while playing with his stuffed duck.

I wonder if he does the infamous pug ‘bullet’, ‘scoot’, or ‘butt tuck’ maneuver. — If you have a pug, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

What else do people call this crazy pug behavior?

Also, please don’t be shy about sending more pictures in — send emails to gadget@urbanpug.com

The OC, Pug Style

images of pugs

sasha and sage from the oc

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

First off, you guys are awesome. I just think it’s amazing that I can sell 10-15 stickers/shirts per month, which I make basically nothing on, but I like doing it. I’m currently figuring out how to make a “rampant pug” tshirt (the rampant lion is part of the royal standard of the united kingdom — I’ve got this idea in my head, and if i were more of a visual artist, it would already be a t-shirt.

Anyway, here’s the most recent “pug from around the world” — it’s of Sasha and Sage and sent by Andrea Orange County, CA.

Bananas are their favorite food, although they won’t turn down much.

Sasha likes to get real close to your face and breath, she really likes mouths.

They both like going for walks, playing in the yard with their “daddy” (ed: G&G like that too), visiting both sets of “grandparents” (ed: again, G&G too), and following “mommy” wherever she goes, either full physically or just watching…

Anyway, I’ve got more submissions to post here, so keep them coming. Send pictures and descriptions of your pugs to gizmo@urbanpug.com

Oh, and in more recent URBAN PUG news, I actually went to our residence today and cleaned up for the first time in months. We had cleaned the fridge out and taken things to Baton Rouge, but today I took down party decorations from my birthday (aug. 22) that were still hanging, because nobody’s been living in the house.

New Orleans is still this eerie place to be, half lived in, half vacant. Everyplace closes at odd times, and it’s just strange to be around.

I want to go back.

Anyway, happy pugging,

Rex & Ruby from Oregon

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by runquatro.

Here’s another submitted photo from our “Pugs Around the World” series. This photo is from Ruby (Fawn) and Rex (Black) from Portland, Oregon.

Ruby will be 4 in January, Rex is now 2. They both love to play ball and wrestle. In the summer they love to play at the park, where Rex loves to fetch the Frisbee and Ruby likes soccer.

Gadget is a huge fan of Chai Tea, which, according to the package, comes from Oregon. He wonders who likes Chai better, Rex or Ruby.

We salute you, Portland Pugs!

If you’d like to be a part of “Pugs Around the World,” please email gadget@urbanpug.com

Pugs Around the World Vol.1 — Katrina Edition

pug dog images

Roxy and Lynn

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Thank you for the pug submissions we have gotten so far and please keep them coming! This week’s featured Pug Around the World is from our home city/state: New Orleans, Louisiana. Her name is Roxy and she is 2 years old (just like Gizmo & Gadget! — they are 10 days younger!). This is a photo of Roxy and her mom Lynn evacuating by boat after the hurricane. During the hurricane, Roxy and her family went to a local hospital where Lynn’s husband works. The rest of the story is common knowlege by now. Finally, a few days after Katrina hit, Roxy and her family were evacuated from the hospital and made it out safe and sound. Thank goodness! We salute Roxy and her family for their bravery. We’re sure Roxy is somewhere right now being a good little pug and bringing joy and happiness to all. We almost evacuated to that very same hospital with Gizmo & Gadget. Not all the people or pets survived and we think of that every day. Hope to meet you someday Roxy!

Also, if you’re like to send in your pictures and bio, please email Gadget. His email address is gadget@urbanpug.com