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Poor Gadget is taking Temaril for Allergies


We took G&G into the vet on Thursday for two reasons. First, to have their teeth cleaned. Second, Gizmo had a small tumor removed from his mouth. They both came home fine, and the Vet doesn’t think that Gizmo’s tumor isn’t the bad kind of tumor. However, on the ride home, and then getting worse for the next hour or two, Gadget’s face got really puffy, especially the tissue around his eyes.

Last time we took him to the Vet for the puffiness on the face, the Vet told us to give him small doses of Benadryl. So, we did the same thing this time. However, Tricia took him back to the vet the next day, and now he’s got some medicine.

But, there’s more! He keeps breaking out whenever the medicine wears off, which means he can’t sleep through the night (and neither can Tricia). He’s also congested, and this is causing him to have some trouble breathing.

The Vet thinks that he’s allergic to something in our house, so we’re going to try having him stay w/ my parents to see if that helps – if we take him out of the environment, and he gets better, then we know it’s something in our house.

The picture is of gadget, not feeling very well. When he’s scared sometimes, he hides under our bed. He did this, and then kinda laid down on his side. POOR GADGET!!

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Pug After Bath Shedding


Bathtime has come to be dreaded for both pugs and people. Gizmo and Gadget really don’t like having to get wet in the tub. We don’t mind that part, but we do mind the days of excessive shedding that come afterwards. Of course, we do things to minimize the shedding, like add olive oil to their food, furminate them, etc. It all helps, but they still lose lots of hair for a few days because we’ve just pulled all the oil off their coat (which helps it stay intact).

This picture is of the aftermath of one brief furminator session.

Just look at those piles of hair! Click on the image, and it becomes a little bit more evident just how much hair there is right there.