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Archive for July, 2007

Pug Meetup


We went to the pug meetup today, and Gizmo and Gadget had fun!

There were some of the usual characters, plus two NEW puppies from Holden (long time readers may remember that Gizmo and Gadget stayed in Holden for a while after Katrina. See here and here.) — The new puppies were, of course, super cute. Click here to see all the pictures from the meetup.

The picture to the right is of Gizmo peeking out between tricia’s legs.

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Tucked-In Pug


Gizmo is getting more and more ridic lately. His quirks keep getting more and more pronounced. Now, whenever he’s had a busy day, he’ll run and get in bed before the normal bedtime, and he’ll get annoyed and sigh / puff when we’re still up moving around / making noise around the house.

Anyway, one night he was in bed already asleep, so I decided to tuck him in!

Photo Contest

I’m not running this contest, but I saw that picture.com was running a contest to win some prizes for submitting photos. Anyone who submits a photo can win the prizes. Also, some of the best pictures will be selected and published in a book of photos! So if you have a good picture, then submit it! You might win a prize and you might get published.

Click here to get to the contest page. (contest is over)

P.S., voting will end soon on the forums contest, so get yer vote in!

Useful Pug Products

Helping a Blind Dog?

Briana asked in the forums about what people have done to help a blind dog around the house. If you have any suggestions, please go over to the forums and respond!

Who should win the urban pug forums contest?

To read about these pugs, go to the Urban Pug Forums.


Kick the pugs out of bed?


In the forums, Danabug asks about moving her pugs from sleeping in the bed to sleeping next to the bed. I responded there, but if others have any input, go help her out! All I’ll say here is that Gizmo and Gadget are HUGE pillow hogs.

Gizmo will sleep on top of any number of pillows, as long as he can climb up there.

Air Filters for Pug Dog Allergies


Dyson, meet Austin. Austin is the newest addition to our allergy prevention family. The Austin Healthmate Jr. is a really high quality HEPA air filter / purification system.

I used to have them at the place where I worked prior to law school, and (in my opinion) they performed really well. However, Tricia thinks that air filters might be more placebo than anything else, but I’m hoping she’ll notice enough of a difference to be converted.

Time will tell!

Gizmo is totally on IM when we’re not home.


Tricia’s still studying for the bar exam, and I’m busy with class, work, and some for-fun projects. However, here’s a quick shot of Gizmo at Tricia’s computer while she’s studying in the next chair.

We think he secretly knows how to get out of the kitchen and onto the computer during the day when we’re gone. He’s using his time to get on IM and plan for ultimate world domination in between his requisite dose of daily naps.

Don’t forget about the forums contest.  You can still post to win.  There have been some really great pug postings made, especially in the “What is something funny your pug does?” thread.

Pug shedding after bath?


Gizmo and Gadget got a bath today. They’re fairly overdue for one, but they don’t like them and they shed like CRAZY afterwards. Literally, for at least a day, they shed about 10x normal. I’ve tried some Jojoba Chamomile Organic Shampoo, and it helps. That, along with a LOT of furminating (you have your furminator, don’t you?) can really help the shedding for a while. Last time I gave them a bath with this shampoo (and furminated them a lot), they stopped shedding (90%) for a week or two.

Pug Shedding: You can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it.

Anyway, G&G hate the water, but they love the towel-off. It’s a close #2 to gadget’s love of bagels. (He’s becoming known as Sir Gadget Von Bagelton). To see how much they hate the water, you can click on the image, and go to the gallery to see the other picture I posted — it’s them sitting in the bathtub as far away from the rising water as possible.

Sorry guys. The water’s gonna get you today!

Does your pug rest his head on things?


Gizmo and Gadget do. In fact, Gizmo has been completely ridiculous, recently. He gets on the red chair in the picture, which is right behind where tricia has been studying, and he puts his head on another chair. He’s simultaneously perched up high and resting his chin on something. I think he’s pretty much found his spot. Don’t forget, we’re still having the Urban Pug Forums contest (sponsored by FunnyFur.com) — Post in the forums to win!

Breeder Retriever

This is a sponsored review.

Breeder Retriever is basically a “dog encyclopedia” — It has all sorts of information about the various breeds, including the pug breed.  The pug page has all the standard information you’d expect about pugs, including a description of the breed, information about pug temperament, and information about how to care for your pug.  While much of this information is well known by those of us who have pugs, the site is a good resource for someone who doesn’t know very much about pugs and is at the very first stages of determining which breed is right for them.

The coolest thing about the page is that is gives “star ratings” to the various attributes of each breed.  For example, pugs score high on playfulness, affection, and sociability with other dogs.  These star ratings make it really easy to go from breed to breed, comparing to see which dog is right for you.  They even have a “breed selector” tool that asks you a few questions and suggests a breed for you.

Overall, this site puts together a good deal of top level information about pugs, and I’d recommend the site to anyone who needs to find out the basics about any dog breed.

Site: Breeder Retriever – Pug