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Pug Slideshow

So, I’m starting to work on a slideshow for my wedding rehearsal dinner, and to do a “practice” slideshow, i made this one.

I was just playing around with effects and music, etc. The song is “Da Hype” by Junior Jack, featuring Robert Smith of The Cure. All the pictures are of Gizmo and Gadget.

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AquaPug in 3D

Here’s the video of Gadget swimming from this weekend.

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The Adventures of AquaPug

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Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

This past sunday, we had wedding shower on saturday night and a small brunch sunday morning. The brunch was held at my friend casey’s family’s home. (Casey runs Roxwel and Blastro, and has a bit of a blog his own here.

I worked for Blastro for a while myself, back in 2000. We were building out their content management system & streaming media infrastructure, and, the fun part was that, at the time, they were broadcasting live music shows every night. So, at about 5 or 6, after work, people would start showing up to do a show, bringing beer with them. For us, work became party, every night. That was actually one really fun work environment.

Anyway, back to the present. We went swimming, and I brought Gizmo and Gadget over. I didn’t figure they’d like the pool, but Gizmo was really interested in it. I pulled him in, but he was terrified, so I let him sit on the side of the pool. Then, I brought Gadget in, and he actually started to warm up to it.

The picture is of me letting him climb onto my back, almost playing “chicken” with him on my shoulders. I’ve got video on YouTube that’s uploading now, so next chance I get, I’ll have some actual video of Gadget swimming.

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Dog Last Names

I dont know if you give your dogs last names or not, but right now, Gizmo is “Gizmo Miller” and Gadget is “Gadget Kastl” Gizmo was the Pug I picked out from the litter. Tricia’s mom loved Gadget, so she went back and got him, and he eventually ended up with us, which we think is great, but Gizmo was my dog first. He lived with me before anyone else did, so he’s Gizmo Miller. (It also sounds good, something about the M in Gizmo goes well with Miller).

Tricia and I are getting married in a month, and we think Gadget’s going to change his name to Gadget Miller. It doesnt sound as good, but we think he’s going to change it.

Anyway, we call Gadget, “Gadj” (GA softG), and we call Gizmo, “Giz”, “Gizzy”, “Gizmo”, “Mo”, or “Momo.” I try to be more masculine and call him Gizmo or Mo, but that doesnt always happen.

What do you call your dogs? Oh, and for the person who posted on the last post, if you move to the Warehouse District in New Orleans, you won’t be out of place, you’ll be moving to where Gizmo and Gadget live! They like it here except for not having a yard to frolic in.

In a bizarre way, Gizmo and Gadget liked Hurricane Katrina. They got to stay on a pug farm with 40 other dogs, then they got to stay in Baton Rouge with a yard and a situation where they never were left alone, ever, and they had about 6 walks a day. How much better does it get for a dog?


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Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Gizmo and Gadget don’t like to get out of bed in the mornings. They always used to get up right away, but starting a month or two ago, they’ve taken to staying in bed, pretty much as long as possible. They’ll wait until no humans are in bed anymore and there’s significant morning-time activity going on.

Gadget likes to come into the bathroom while i shower in the morning. Specifically, he loves to sit on the bathroom floor mat next to the space heater — we think he just likes being kept warm by the heater, but who knows.

Gizmo gets into whatever nook he can, usually between a wall and the toilet.

What do your pugs do in the morning?

Psycho Happy Pug

pug dog images

Psychotically Happy Pug

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Sometimes, Gizmo gets what cannot be descibed any other way but, “Crazy Happy.”

He runs around and just has the biggest smile on his face. He’ll run up and lick you in the face (which he usually never does), and he’ll try to burrow into you.

This is him with tricia when he’s in happy mode.

I Heart Pug Zombies

images of pugs


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Ok, they’re not really zombies, but yesterday, gizmo was “spooked” by something, and he’s just not been quite the same since. He hasn’t been as friendly to random people in our building, and last night, in bed, he sat up on a pillow and was “watching” for things.

Well, first, he stayed in the kitchen rather than come to bed. We had to coax him into bed, which is very unusual. Then, when he saw a bit of movement in the covers, he would ‘jump’ a little bit, as if he were startled. He kept doing this, and he appeared possibly scared.

Well, eventually, i tucked him under the comforter with me, and pet him for quite a while until he calmed down some. However, he’s not really an “under the covers” sleeper. He’ll go there for a minute for fun, then move out. Last night, however, he stayed under the covers next to me for a LONG time.

Eventually, sometime in the middle of the night, he made his way to Tricia’s head, but it’s a little bit worrying to see him acting so strangely.

Pug Brothers

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Gizmo and Gadget are getting more and more ridiculous all the time. Gizmo now wants to be ON the table while tricia studies, instead of just in the chair next to her.

At night, they now totally take over the pillows. Their goal is to sleep as close to your face as possible. It doesn’t bother me much, because of the way I sleep (I sorta ‘hug’ the pillow, therefore pugs can’t sleep on the same pillow as me. However, tricia tends to sleep on her back, leaving room for one of the pugs (usually gizmo) to sneak up and sit down on her head and sleep that way.

Absolutely ridiculous.