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Gizmo doesn’t have cancer and Golan v. Gonzales.


In very good news, the Vet let Tricia know the other day that Gizmo’s tumor was benign. To celebrate, he took a nap in this laundry basket with a huge body pillow stuffed inside. In other good news, Gadget’s feeling better, though we’re still waiting to see if he breaks out again. He’s at our house, and his steroids will wear off soon. Generally, he’s back to his normal moderately active self (hey, he’s a Pug, he takes naps), so that’s very good. No more overheating because of his medication, no more drinking too much water to cool off and peeing in the house.

Hopefully all is better and we’ll have normal Gadg for a while.

Oh, in other good news, it turns out some academic work I’ve done is going to be published. Law school is weird in how the academics get published. Generally, it’s student run publications (Law Reviews or Journals published and edited by students), rather than peer reviewed journals (the New England Journal of Medicine) that the academics submit their work to for publication. Many of these student journals require / allow their members to submit limited pieces of work for publication. I was required to do that, and my work was selected to be published, which is really cool. I don’t talk about non-pug stuff here much, but this is pretty cool to me. I did what’s called a “case note” on a recent case, Golan v. Gonzales, which is about copyright and the First Amendment. The case was argued by the guy who came up with Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig, which was part of the reason I chose that case. It’s not about patent law, which is what I’m in law school to eventually do, but I just couldn’t pass up doing a casenote on an important, timely case.

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