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Jailed Pugs (Free Puggy!)

images of pugs

Jailed Pugs

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

NOTE: This is not a post about giving away free pugs. If you are interested in getting a Pug and want to talk, ask questions, or ask if there are any available in your area, don’t reply to this message. Instead, go to the Urban Pug Forums and talk there. -Thanks!

Ok, I just have to point out that in the last photo, gadget is making his trademarked “Psycho I Want What You’re Eating” face.

If he were a character in Punch-Out, he’d be King Hippo, no, wait, he’d be Soda Popinski due to his obsession with consumables.

Gizmo would be… Don Flamenco. (Presumably the gayest of the punch-out characters. Not that we’re anti-gay though. Gizmo knows we love him)

Anyway, I got a call from the vet i took gadget to the other day about his eye… and “oh, by the way, how about some puppies!”

Gadget’s cuteness transcends.

So i gave her the number to Dulittle Pugs. Numbers for breeders are here.

If you go to Louisiana, you’ll see Dulittle pugs (the puppies in the picture) and Wind Valley (The breeder of G&G) — But Gizmo and Gadget’s Grandfather is from Dulittle, so you can get in on the G&G gene action.

I’m not sure of the status on any of Tricia’s parents’ puppies, but they might be on their way to homes soon too.

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a pug, and you’re near louisiana, i know htere are some ready soon to go to homes.

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Um, Tricia, give me some of your tots.

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Ok, so we’re a little lazy. We had sonic for dinner. However, Gadget really doesn’t care, and he goes totally psycho-pug for pretty much any kind of food you’re eating and he’s not.

Tricia is finally starting to feel better after three weeks (and a third try on medication. the first two sets of antibiotics didn’t work. Now it’s brute-force time.) — She’s got her first final tomorrow, which is good (we’re almost ready to go back to new orleans) but bad (she’s been sick and not able to study like she should).

Anyway, I met Bubba yesterday out in Holden — he’s Gizmo and Gadget’s Grandfather (Their mother’s father), and i do think there’s a little bit of family resemblance there.

Also, I’ve had my trusty Canon PowerShot S200 Digital Elph for almost 3 years now, and i’m researching for a new camera. I think i’m going to choose a Canon SD450, SD500, or SD550, but the Casio Exilim looks really good too. Does anyone have any thoughts? (I also want to get a better camera to do better camera-to-flickr-to-blog postings, but i’m waiting a while longer for that)

So thanks if you have any comments!

Thanksgiving Pugs

images of pugs

Thanksgiving Pug

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

We just got back from the vet — Gadget has a sty, but other than that, he’s healthy. The doctor gave him some eyedrops to help out, and we’re going to see how that works for now.

Also, it’s time for some teeth cleaning for both Gizmo and Gadget. We’re going to have to do that soon.

Anyway, hope everyone’s having a nice holiday.

Useful Pug Products

Purina Dog Show Toy Group

If you were just watching (maybe not?), Dermot the Pug just took 4th in the Toy Group in the Purina Dog Show on TV today.

Kendoric Pugs (and a picture of Dermot)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, it’s time to be thankful for Pugs!

Also, I noticed over on Gridskipper, they’re doing the 2005 Urban Blogging awards, and there’s a photoblog category. So if you like this blog, you may be motivated to nominate us!


BTW, I think that what would be better than a puggle is a “puggle-pug hybrid” — it would be MORE pug-like (and thus better)

Oh — last thing. Be careful if you’re deep-frying your turkey this year. Check out the FIRE HAZARD

Puggles are having the Best Week Ever?

pug dog images

Sleeping Gadget

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Ok, so we’ve known about Puggles for a while now — they’re Pug-Beagle Hybrids (you can see some pictures here and here).

We just saw them on the most recent “best week ever” show on VH1, and i have to say, they ARE cute, especially as puppies. However, PUGS ARE TOTALLY BETTER!!!!

I mean, I look at a puggle, then i look at gadget, and i’m like, “omg how could anyone want a puggle when they could have gadg!”

So we won’t be getting a puggle anytime soon.

Interestingly, though, right now we’re living with 2 pugs and a beagle.

Also, Tricia used to live with Chiggy, who was a Pug-Pekingese hybrid. (He looked just like a pug, just not a show pug)

Anyway, here’s Gadget sleeping — if you notice his left eye, he’s got some kind of eye infection/sty going — i’m going to have to take him to a vet on monday if it doesnt get any better.

The OC, Pug Style

images of pugs

sasha and sage from the oc

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

First off, you guys are awesome. I just think it’s amazing that I can sell 10-15 stickers/shirts per month, which I make basically nothing on, but I like doing it. I’m currently figuring out how to make a “rampant pug” tshirt (the rampant lion is part of the royal standard of the united kingdom — I’ve got this idea in my head, and if i were more of a visual artist, it would already be a t-shirt.

Anyway, here’s the most recent “pug from around the world” — it’s of Sasha and Sage and sent by Andrea Orange County, CA.

Bananas are their favorite food, although they won’t turn down much.

Sasha likes to get real close to your face and breath, she really likes mouths.

They both like going for walks, playing in the yard with their “daddy” (ed: G&G like that too), visiting both sets of “grandparents” (ed: again, G&G too), and following “mommy” wherever she goes, either full physically or just watching…

Anyway, I’ve got more submissions to post here, so keep them coming. Send pictures and descriptions of your pugs to gizmo@urbanpug.com

Oh, and in more recent URBAN PUG news, I actually went to our residence today and cleaned up for the first time in months. We had cleaned the fridge out and taken things to Baton Rouge, but today I took down party decorations from my birthday (aug. 22) that were still hanging, because nobody’s been living in the house.

New Orleans is still this eerie place to be, half lived in, half vacant. Everyplace closes at odd times, and it’s just strange to be around.

I want to go back.

Anyway, happy pugging,

Rex & Ruby from Oregon

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by runquatro.

Here’s another submitted photo from our “Pugs Around the World” series. This photo is from Ruby (Fawn) and Rex (Black) from Portland, Oregon.

Ruby will be 4 in January, Rex is now 2. They both love to play ball and wrestle. In the summer they love to play at the park, where Rex loves to fetch the Frisbee and Ruby likes soccer.

Gadget is a huge fan of Chai Tea, which, according to the package, comes from Oregon. He wonders who likes Chai better, Rex or Ruby.

We salute you, Portland Pugs!

If you’d like to be a part of “Pugs Around the World,” please email gadget@urbanpug.com

Ivan the Terrible

images of pugs


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Gadget has been busy this year making a lot of babies! This is a photo of his latest litter. Seen here are Camille, Katrina, Rita & Ivan…aka the Hurricanes. The puppy with its belly up is named Ivan. We like to call him “Ivan the Terrible!” He is HUGE. He’s literally the fattest puppy we’ve ever seen. He takes after his father, but might just outgrow him. We are currently waiting on a new litter that was fathered by Gizmo. We’ll keep you posted on the current and future puppies!

Move Over Toonces

pug dog images

Move Over Toonces

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

I took this picture the other day — it’s just an example of how they love to get in the car — with or without us! (With us on a ride to someplace fun, they hope)

Anyway, Tricia and I are going to Houston today to see Depeche Mode tomorrow night.

We’ll also be visiting her brother’s family, including Mookie (the beagle).

Car Lovers

No pictures, but this morning, Gizmo and Gadget both hopped into the NEIGHBOR’s car on their early morning walk. Usually, gizmo will hop into my car as soon as i open the door, but gadget resists (i have to pick him up and put him in the car).

However, today, they wanted a ride so badly that they’d take it from anyone who’d give it to them. Unfortunately, they had to wait until i got home from work at about 8 (i drove into new orleans today for work). When I got home, tricia and I ate dinner, then we took the pugs on a ride while *we* got some baskin & robbins.

And, i wish i had my camera, because g&g both got to lick spoons, and it was freaking cute.

“cuteness explosion!”

also, please send in pictures! we want your pictures! gizmo@urbanpug.com !

Demi B, the Black Pug!

images of pugs

Demi B, the Black Pug!

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post, I’ve been busy with work and with PUGS!

Last week, Gizmo went to Pug City to, well, make some baby Pugs, so we had Demi stay with us.

Demi is REALLY demanding — she pretty much demands your attention at any point in time that she’s not eating or sleeping. It’s all about holding or being pet.

She’s now fully grown, although she must be about 14 pounds to Gadget’s 21 — we’ve joked about Gadget being Demi wearing a “Fat Suit.”

Anyway, she’s back home now, and Gizmo is back with us. We didn’t do anything special for Halloween, but we’re SURE some pugs across the world did, so if you’ve got any pictures, send ’em in, and we’ll post em!

Since we don’t have any Halloween Pug Pictures, here are some pics at flickr.