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New Bed!


For 6 years, we have used. 6 years ago, Gizmo and Gadget claimed two old chairs we had as their own. Because the chairs got used by the pugs so much, they got impossible to keep clean, so we basically had to use them only as dog chairs. However, we finally decided to get a bed that’s designated as a DOG BED.

The pugs like it just fine, and they’re sleeping on it as I write this.

Update: Link to the bed we got on Amazon: Coolaroo Steel Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

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Martine and her brothers in the morning


Here is a picture of Martine in the morning – after we’ve brought her from her crib to our bed. Actually, Gizmo and Gadget get to sleep with us, but Martine does not. However, in the mornings, I bring her into the bed and she will usually sleep for a little while longer. That’s better than one of us having to get up early to take care of the baby – it lets us get a little bit more sleep.

Anyway, this morning after I got out of bed, Gizmo and Gadget both snuggled up with her, and it was so cute that I just had to get a few pictures.

Naptime for Gizmo and Martine


This afternoon, Tricia put Martine down for a nap. A little while later, Gizmo made his way into his spot. After both were asleep, Tricia noticed this, and called me into the room to get a quick picture of brother and sister napping together in their “bunk bassinet.”

Do you see Gizmo in there, with his head poking out? He’s actually doing the pug-classic “chin rest” on the side bar of the bassinet.

Oh, and they’re both sound asleep in this picture. How cute!

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Is this a New Dog Bed?


Here is Gizmo & Gadget sitting in a piece of new furniture my mom bought us. They really like it in there! It is high up, just how they prefer. Somebody needs to tell them that it is not a dog bed though. It’s a bassinet and it is not for them. The bassinet is for their little sister who is coming soon! We are expecting our first child–a baby girl–in about 10 weeks! Tricia is now in her third trimester and everything is progressing well. We are so excited, not only for our daughter, but for the pugs and how they will react to her. We just know they are going to love her just as much as they love us. The coming year will be the cutest one yet on urbanpug since babies + pugs = pure cuteness!!!

Topsy Turvy


Gizmo and Gadget snuggle together all the time. In this picture, they are snuggling, but Gizmo is upside down while Gadget is lying on his belly. Gizmo was practically begging me to take this picture! He likes being upside down a lot. Sometimes, when he positions himself like this he looks like a Boston Terrier because his ears appear as if they are pointed. He’s a total goof ball and Gadget just sits there calmly as always:)

Gadget’s Temaril Side Effects


Lexy went back to my parents’ house last night, but not before making another bed out of a box.  This time, it was an empty Sam’s Club Diet Coke 32-Pack.

In other news, Gadget hasn’t had any swelling, but he’s still been itching some.  Also, the Temaril the doctor gave him is making him lethargic and thirsty.  Also, I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of the medicine, but he’s also really hot.  (Side effects of temaril at Yahoo Answers, Pfizer Animal Health.) If you touch his ears or let him lick you, you can just feel that he’s a lot hotter than Gizmo.  I think it’s related.  Anyway, the combination of lethargy and thirst has been causing him to not want to go outside… to pee…  And as a result, well, he’s been just randomly letting it out.  Not even going over to a sofa corner, bed corner, the trash can (the spots they sometimes mark) — he’s just stopping, not even lifting a leg or squatting, and just dropping down a puddle.

It just took me 10 minutes with him outside to get him to pee, most of which was spent with him staring at me, just looking at me.  When he wasnt standing there, he was trying to get past me back into the house.  (Note, it was also fairly wet outside tonight)

I had to carry him into the yard a couple times, but eventually, he decided to “go.”  It was a good thing, too, because he actually did have to go.  He just didn’t want to, for some reason.

Hopefully, this is just the medicine he’s taking, and all will be back to normal soon.  We’re keeping a close eye on his condition!

Lexy finds a new Bed


Lexy’s visiting us for a few days.  My parents are on a trip to North Carolina to see some people they know in Durham (where I went to school), as well as see my sister, who just started at Wake Forest.

Lexy came over last night, and she’s been over before, but Gizmo has never acted like he did.  He went completely nutzo over her, following her around constantly.  He’s never been like this around her before.  On the contrary, Gadget just did his normal routine, not really paying much attention to her.  He was just playing it cool, because Lexy eventually found herself snuggled next to Gadget on the bed.

Anyway, I got home tonight after a long day at school (class runs til 8:45 PM on Wednesdays, due to a Patent Prosecution seminar) and Lexy and Gadget made their way into my “office.”  Gadget hopped up into his chair, but Lexy found another place to sit, and she’s taken a liking to it.

I’ve got these storage boxes that have lids to them.  They’re for moving, and they have these lids that you have to fold up yourself, and you then have a box with a lid.  I use these boxes to keep computer cables — I’ve got three boxes, one for A/V cables, one for power cables, and one for data cables (usb cables, ethernet cables, etc).  Anyway, I happened to have the lid to one of these boxes lying on the floor, and Lexy has now  managed to make it her bed.

Go figure.

P.S., tomorrow, G&G are going to the vet again — both to have their teeth cleaned, and Gizmo’s having a biopsy on the growth in his mouth.  Hopefully, everything will be fine, but we’re going to have some sad looking Pugs when they come out of anesthesia!  I’ll post pictures, but hopefully, they won’t look too pathetic.

Gadget getting ready for bed.


This is Gadget, getting ready for bed. During this phase, he hops into bed and sits on the side of the bed with his paws and sometimes his entire front legs hanging off the side of the bed. He sits there for a while, drifting off to sleep. Gadget is different than Gizmo, in that he gets in and out of bed all night, while Gizmo stays in bed for the most part. Probably, this is because Gadget gets hot — he gets out of bed and goes over to the bathroom, where there is a tile floor to cool off on.

After he’s slept on the cool tile floor for a while, he’ll hop back up into bed … until he gets too hot again!