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Ask A Pug

If you have a pug question, Urban Pug probably has the answer. To get the answer, though, you’ve got options.

1) I do not know where to get free pugs.  Maybe your local pug rescue will have the right pug for you?

2) If you need an answer more quickly, then you should as a question in the Urban Pug Forums. Your question can be answered by anyone using the site. Many times, people will know more about a specific problem than I do.

3) If you have a question for Gizmo or Gadget, you can email them directly. Gizmo checks mail for the both of them, and his email address is gizmo@urbanpug.com

4) If you have a specific question for me, then you can email me directly. My email is matt at urbanpug dot com. Please do not ask me about where to get a free Pug. If you’re really interested in a Pug, contact your local Pug Rescue operation.

5) If you need an expert (veterinarian) answer as soon as possible, you can click here to ask an expert. This service takes you outside of Urban Pug and has a small fee, but you will get a high quality answer.

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  vicci watts wrote @ June 24th, 2007 at 9:55 am

hi. I’m looking for Urban Pug puppies.Do you have any?

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