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Archive for March, 2006

Pug Scoot and Other Videos

Well, at least one other person calls it a “scoot.” See the Hypersnortin’ Pug Scootin’ Boogie.

I’ll have some more pictures soon, but if you really need a pug fix, try that link, or this video of pugs that somehow remind me of my own.

While i’m at it, can you believe this one? swinging pugs!!!!

None of these are gizmo or gadget, but I like them anyway. In other news, wedding progress is, well, progressing. The recent development is work on the wedding program (we’re doing it ourselves). I highly recommend Stamp Diva for all your rubber stamping needs.

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North American Pillow Burrower

images of pugs

North American Pillow Burrower

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Tricia and Gizmo. We’re not sure — he might not actually be a pug, rather, the rare and mysterious species “Pillowis Burrowensis” which makes its home in between pillows and likes to sleep a lot.

In other news, has a new show, which features , her pug. The show’s called “” and comes on VH1.

The Four Faces of Gadget

pug dog images

The Four Faces of Gadget

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

First of all, to get the best of this set of photos, check out the full sized originals.

This four-frame set is of gadget getting some dog bacon, which he absolutely loves. However, today, tricia found out a new “favorite” of the boys — lace cookies!

Yesterday, she had her first wedding shower, and there were lots of leftover cookies and cakes, so she brought some home. Anyway, Gizmo and Gadget go bonkers for them, though I haven’t seen this yet myself, It’s probably much similar to the time when they were already-hyper puppies that I gave them some donut holes.

Can you say, “pugs banging against the walls hyper” ? I knew you could.

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