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Archive for December, 2008

Oopsy as a Puppy!

This is a video I recently found of OOPSY as a puppy. So cute! Who knew she would be with us 3 years later?

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Snow Pugs!

We live in New Orleans.  Not to say that New Orleans is hell, but when it snows here, well, it’s about as likely as hell freezing over.  Oopsy didn’t want to go outside, but she did go out later, and I snapped a few pictures.

Notice how Gizmo sees the snow, and runs back inside, into Oopsy’s crate. Poor Gizmo! (but, you still have to go out to do your business)

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Oops is back


Oopsy is back, and we’re happy to have her here. Her surgery went well, but unfortunately, she needs to go back to the vet to have a few teeth pulled and have her other teeth cleaned up.

These pictures are of Oopsy relaxing in bed after coming home, wearing one of Martine’s winter hats.

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Happy Holidays!

Video Chatting with Oopsy


We recently got a webcam for our computer so Tricia’s parents can do video chat to see Martine, since they live in South Carolina.  However, Oopsy is in on the chatting too, talking to her mother, Ipsy (and Tricia’s mother).  Actually, Oopsy’s not all that into chatting on the webcam, but Martine is.  She can recognize faces and hands on the screen, and sometimes she will even wave to the person on the other side, which is really cute!

Also, Oopsy’s at the vet today!  She’s getting spayed right now so we make sure we don’t have a little Oopsigadg or a Gizmoops running around.

We miss you Oops! Get healed soon so you can come back home and run around and nibble our fingers and get in our faces again.

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