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Archive for December, 2007

The 12 Pugs of Christmas


Inspired by Gizmo and Gadget

Happy Holidays from Urban Pug!

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Baby Bjorn (Puppy Pugjorn?)


This is a Baby Bjorn. It’s a device that you strap onto yourself to carry a baby around the house with you.

It turns out that you can also use it for carrying Pugs around the house.

You know how with some dogs, when you put clothes on them, you can just tell that they don’t like it? Well, this is absolutely not the case with Gizmo and the Baby Bjorn. He is extremely content in there, and eventually he will fall asleep.

He’ll either do that or be very awake and start to forget he’s strapped to me. For example, yesterday I was standing in the kitchen with him and he realized that there was a new window he could see out of — he kept staring out of the window and he’d bark at the cars he is suddenly “tall” enough to see.

To get more information about Baby Bjorns, click here to go to Amazon

Peacock vs. Pug

You may have seen this video on Cute Overload, but it’s too good for you to not see.

Useful Pug Products

Albino Pug (White)


This is just a quick update, as I’m still busy studying.  (I have a Business Enterprises final tomorrow and Intellectual Property the next day)  Anyway, I was browsing the forums this morning and noticed this picture of Mischa, who is an Albino Pug.  Albinism is a condition where the body has a limited ability to produce skin / hair pigmentation.  I’ve never seen an Albino Pug before.  She sure is cute!



It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s primarily due to the fact that I’m in the middle of finals.  There’s time for Pugs, but not time for posting on the internet about pugs.  Anyway, here’s more evidence of bagels being Gadget’s favorite food.  He’s here begging for whatever small morsel of breakfast Tricia will send down his way.

What’s your Pug’s favorite food?

Transporting a Pug via Airplane Flight

Does anyone have any tips for air-transport of a pug?

Laurel just posted to the forums:

I resonantly relocated to the U.K. My Pug, Azreal, in Florida , who is staying with family, has her chip, all her documentation, blood work, bags packed and is ready to come! Now that it’s time I’ve been having some MAJOR problems finding an airline that will fly Pugs in general because of there snout-noses. Through out this whole process I’ve stayed in close contact with her Vet. who is over looking her move and I’m shocked he never mentioned there was a greater health risk with pug then with other dogs. The more research I do I’m coming to see I have to find a way to get her in the cabin of the plane but I can’t find any airlines that will do this (especially considering it’s international).
So far the closest I’ve come is Continental Airlines(were she’ll be in the cargo hold were she isn’t even allowed a blanket). When moving here I knew flying her over was going to be hard but i didn’t know her breed was at a higher health risk on planes and to be honest would never made the move in the first place if I had thought she couldn’t with us. If anyone has any advise I’d really be greatfull!Should I geta Pet travel Agent? Could they find her a more “pet friendly” flight? I’ve never traveled on a plane with her and ANY tips would be so helpful. I don’t want to put her in harms way but England won’t feel like home until she’s here!

Does anyone have any suggestions?  My best guess would be to find the most “pet friendly” international airline and use them.  If they won’t let you put the pug in the cargo hold, then wouldn’t one option be flying from England to the US (pickup the pug), then fly back with pug in the cabin?

I searched for “international dog transport” on Google and some companies came up — maybe one of them is good?

If anyone has any information about this topic, please share!