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Archive for February, 2005

Gadget is a ham

Gadget is crazy — he’s now into doing this thing where he lies in bed with you, and tries to squirm into nooks in the bed, rolling around. It’s really hilarious to watch him do it.

Anyway, last night gadg slept like a person (with his head on the pillow and legs towards the foot of the bed) — and Gonnie took the revered above-the-head spot. I’m going to try to get some pictures of gadg acting crazy and post them soon.

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As promised, pictures of Gonnie

It’s getting easier for me to update now, the more familiar i become with this system. Anyway, here are some new pictures of Gonnie.

Gonnie is with us

Gizmo’s over at Pug Central to have some, er, fun (finally, some little momo’s), so I’ve got Gizmo & Gadget’s other brother, Gonnie, living with me for a week or so. He’s very attention starved because of his upbringing, but he’s really cute and lovable — he just needs attention!

Pictures to come

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The natives are getting restless

I’ve recently moved, and I got rid of my old sofa. This was a good thing, as the old one wasn’t in the best of shape anymore. However, there’s one side effect that nobody was expecting. The pugs can’t come sit next to you on the sofa, so they’re always bugging you to get in the chair with you. I either put (Usually gizmo) in my lap, or just sit there and ignore them, or pet them for a second and tell them they’re not getting in my lap right now.

Anyway, Tricia has a really hard time ignoring them, so they really distract her from getting work done.

I need to hurry up and get a replacement couch.

Gizmo as a baby!

I thought i’d test out the file upload feature of wordpress to put a picture of one of my pugs as a baby here.


Apple does support SMIL as of quicktime 4.1 — so it would be interesting to see if SMIL could be embedded within an AAC file, to tell the player to play various segments of the mp3 at different times, and to allow separate playback of subsegments of the file — or to specify that, for example, an image should be displayed at a specified time.

I just got a free ipod

No seriously, I did all the stuff for the free ipod deal going around, and i finally got mine. It took them a while to approve it, but once it was approved, it arrived almost immediately.

Oh, and i’m loving it — i just wish there was an easier way to put contacts / todo lists / calendar on the ipod (ie, without turning hard disk mode on) — just a program that could do it for you.

Anyway, I’ve been doing the whole podcasting thing, which is really interesting — i think it’ll be even cooler when we can embed images in podcasts — well — it really doesnt apply to just images, i suppose you could just package a lot of media together in one file, and then give the player instructions on what to do.

Embed photos, music, video, whatever. Some of it might be meant to be seen during the “regular” listening of the show, some of it might be a separate audio track, it might be show notes, track lists, links to webpages, whatever. You’d be able to listen\view the content as normal, but with a special player (maybe when you get back to your desktop) — you can go through and get all the meta-media that your ipod couldn’t play.

I know SMIL could be used to further this idea, but it might be a stretch to get apple to support that. I’ll have to ponder this some more.