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Custom Pet Portraits from Photo (Oil Paintings by Eric Bossik)

Have you ever wanted to get a really good portrait done of your pet? Have you ever wanted to immortalize your pet in a real work of art, worthy of being placed in an art gallery?

Well, Eric Bossik is the person who can make it happen. Now, I know many of you have Pugs, and you might want proof that an artist can actually capture the essence of a Pug’s face. I asked Eric about this, and although he has never had the opportunity to paint a Pug (he’d love to, though), he has done a portrait of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed that’s related to Pugs, sharing a high Cephalic index (smooshed face).

Additionally, Eric’s paintings have been exhibited all over — he’s been shown at the Society of Illustrators, the Salmagundi Art Club, the Art Director’s Club of New York, the Heckscher Museum, and the Roslyn Fine Arts Museum, and the Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, Florida. As for awards, his work has won the HTAL award of excellence at the Heckscher Museum and a Grumbacher award for portraiture. Eric was a recipient of an AAPL Grand National Award for oil painting in 1998.

You can have this award winning oil painter paint the portrait of your pet. His prices are by no means “cheap,” but you get high quality when you pay for it. Erik Bossik

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Gizmo and Gadget Pug Painting by Vanessa Ezell

Tricia’s friend Courtney gave us this AMAZING painting for a wedding gift, and it just came in. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It’s from a photo that i turned into a Pug Wallpaper that Courtney gave to the artist, VaNessa Ezell, who runs the website Pawsed in Paint.

This is totally awesome. Gizmo thinks it’s amazing, and so does Gadget. It’s going up above the sofa as soon as i can get the equipment to hang it.