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High chairs are really just elevated dog bowls…

At least Gizmo thinks that high chairs are really just his dog bowl, raised up off the ground.  It used to be (with Martine) that the pugs would circle around the high chair around feeding time, but with Marigny, Gizmo has taken to jumping from chair to chair in order to get up where the food is (instead of waiting for it to fall).  In this picture, he’s getting interested about what’s up there (on a number of other occasions, we have found him sitting up on top).


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Marigny Loves Momo!


It would be sacrilegious for someone living in this house not to love pugs. Fortunately, Marigny will need no education enhancing her pug affection. She is actually more into pugs than Martine was! Of course, Martine adores Gizmo, but as a baby, she was more interested in pug fur than in pugs.

Also, I think I should address my marked lack of recent posts. I love doing Urban Pug. However, because I have been in school, over the past several years I’ve had some extra free time. In the past 10 months: (1) I started a new job as an attorney; (2) Tricia had our second child; (3) I took (and passed) the Patent Bar exam (which means I’m now a Registered Patent Attorney); (4) I’ve released several iPhone applications (see, e.g., Louisiana Civil Codereview 1, review 2, review 3) and (5) Work has been unusually busy with a deluge of litigation. So, priorities are priorities. Urban Pug sometimes has to wait, and for the past several months, it has waited. Hopefully I will be able to post more often!

Martine Loves Gizmo!!


Here’s a quick picture of Martine with Gizmo and Marigny. As you may have guessed, Martine is as fond of Gizmo as ever (in fact, she routinely tells Gizmo that she loves him). Whenever we are in the car near our house, she will point out our house, at first calling it “Tine’s House,” but then also saying “Mommy’s house, Daddy’s House, Momo’s house, Manny’s (that’s how she says Marigny) house).

She’s a serious pug aficionado!

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The Princess and the Pug


Martine’s growing up right before our eyes! She’s just learned about playing “dress up” (and I presume it will not be much longer until she learns to “dress” Gizmo). Anyway, she was outside playing in her costume yesterday, and I managed to take this snapshot of her with Gizmo.

Life goes on…

Although we are still very sad that Gadget is not with us anymore, life goes on. Marigny hasn’t made much of an appearance on Urban Pug yet, and I’m happy to report that Gizmo gets along great with BOTH of his sisters now. Martine has been “raised by pugs” so to speak, so there’s absolutely nothing odd to her about this first picture that I took this morning. Tonight, though, I managed to snap a somewhat decent shot of Martine holding Marigny with Gizmo sitting next to both of them.


Sleepy time for Gizmo

Martine and Gizmo get along fabulously.  Every day before we leave the house, she looks forward to having us take three treats out and give them to her.  She then goes from pug to pug, placing the treats in their mouths.  They’ve totally got her trained, and she loves it!  I even made some pumpkin pies the other day, and she made her way into the fridge, found a butter knife, and scooped out a piece of pie — not to eat, but to give to GADGET!  In other words, it was just like she broke into the fridge and cut a piece of pie for the dogs.   I walked in on this happening, just as Gadget was taking a bite.
This picture is of Gizmo and Martine, asleep.  She loves to sleep with the pugs, still, and, as you can see from this picture, they love to cuddle up with her.

Happy Birthday Gizmo and Gadget!

Today, Gizmo and Gadget turned 6 years old. We celebrated by making them a cake. Here are the pictures:

First, I made the cake batter, and put carob chips on top.
Then, I baked the cake.  The carob chips didn’t melt nicely, so it looks a bit strange.  They tasted good, though!
I decorated the cake with frosting made from cream cheese, honey, cinnamon, and a little yellow food coloring.  If you look closely, you can also see green sprinkles on top, so it’s Purple, Green, and Gold.
Here’s a picture of the cake with the candles lit!  The “4” is for Oopsy, who turned four a little while ago.
Here’s another picture of the candles lit.
Gadget approves.
So does Gizmo.
Oopsy, too.
Happy Birthday Everyone!

Bee Sting, Oh No!

I took Gizmo, Gadget, and Oopsy for a walk this morning, and on the way back to the house, I noticed that Gizmo was limping. Actually, he wasn’t even letting his back right paw touch the ground at all. I checked, and I noticed a (freshly) dead bee by his foot. We think that what must have happened is that the bee stung him on the top of his food, then he stepped on it. Anyway, I carried him back home, and we checked everything out. We looked to see if there was a stinger in his foot still. There wasn’t. Then, to help with any symptoms, we gave him half of a benadryl. Our vet told us that benadryl was fine for dogs, and that’s what we gave Gadget when his face was swollen.

However, Gizmo’s foot still hurt. So, apparently, Tylenol and Ibuprofen are really bad for dogs, toxic at low doses. However, aspirin is acceptable (but get your dosing information correct). Aspirin can upset the stomach, and Gizmo has a sensitive stomach. So, we gave him a large coated aspirin disguised as a large hunk of cheese!

Hopefully he feels better soon!

A Basket Case for Pugs


Martine has discovered playing in the laundry basket, and she has also discovered that it’s a whole lot more fun if you can fit some pugs in there, too. Oopsy is actually the easiest to fit in there, but she only tolerates being in there for so long. Gadget (as you can see in the video) wants absolutely nothing to do with this game. However, Gizmo, I think, actually LIKES being in there. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures or video, but he’s actually kinda relaxing in there, just chillin, putting his chin on the edge of the basket.

After a little while, Oopsy wanted out, but Gizmo didn’t want to get out until everyone else was leaving the room.


Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to update. Since the last update, I’ve graduated from law school, had a big party at the house, and started the grueling bar exam review process… Along with taking care of three pugs and a baby who can now do LOTS more than she could a few months ago, including get into lots of stuff she shouldn’t be into!

Here are a few pictures that include Martine playing next to the baby pool w/ Oopsy, Oopsy & Gizmo taking over Martine’s Toddler Bed, and Martine NOT giving Gadget his Chicken Jerky! Just look at Gadget’s face, he’s saying “Oh no you didn’t!”


Snow Pugs!

We live in New Orleans.  Not to say that New Orleans is hell, but when it snows here, well, it’s about as likely as hell freezing over.  Oopsy didn’t want to go outside, but she did go out later, and I snapped a few pictures.

Notice how Gizmo sees the snow, and runs back inside, into Oopsy’s crate. Poor Gizmo! (but, you still have to go out to do your business)

Martine hugs Tivo and Gizmo


Meet Martine’s new Pug! We found this stuffed pug at Target, and we had to get it for her. Actually, at first, both Oopsy and Martine were scared of it, each in their own different way. It didn’t take Oops that long to realize that there was nothing to be afraid of, but it took Martine a few days. Eventually she figured it out, and now she LOVES it. I am pretty sure she realizes it is not just any stuffed animal, but a PUG.

Tricia named the stuffed Pug after our favorite household gadget. She named the stuffed pug TIVO.

I’m sure we’ll accumulate lots of stuffed pugs, and I’m sure they’ll all get named. She’s going to have a very pug-filled childhood…


Also, now that Martine is crawling around more, she can do what amounts to one of the cutest things possible.  She crawls over to her pug brothers and hugs them! This is very fleeting, and both Pug and Baby are moving quickly in poor indoor lighting, which makes it very difficult to photograph. I think this one is one of the best.

Martine is the size of a pug…


Martine is the size of a pug… and she begs like one too!  She now is able to recognize that we’re eating food, reach out for that food, and make a fuss until she gets what she wants.  These are some pictures of her doing just that.

Notice that she is just about the size of a pug, and she’s about the same weight, too.  Last doctor’s visit (2 weeks ago) she was about 22 pounds, which is just slightly less than what Gizmo weighs.


Three Little Pigs


This is a picture of Gizmo, Oopsy, and Martine, all together on the bed. Oopsy is still learning what it’s like to live here, and she’s got some things down, but not others. For example, she knows that the best place to be at night is right on top of Tricia’s head, hogging all the pillows. However, she doesn’t yet fully appreciate, “don’t step on the humans.” She will walk on top of you without understanding that you want her to walk around you. This isn’t so bad for us (Oopsy is light), but even though she’s not anywhere near aggressive towards Martine, she’s a little bit… inconsiderate? Oblivious?

Oopsy definitely is a good dog, but she just needs to learn the rules a bit better.

Martine and her brothers in the morning


Here is a picture of Martine in the morning – after we’ve brought her from her crib to our bed. Actually, Gizmo and Gadget get to sleep with us, but Martine does not. However, in the mornings, I bring her into the bed and she will usually sleep for a little while longer. That’s better than one of us having to get up early to take care of the baby – it lets us get a little bit more sleep.

Anyway, this morning after I got out of bed, Gizmo and Gadget both snuggled up with her, and it was so cute that I just had to get a few pictures.

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