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Sleepy time for Gizmo

Martine and Gizmo get along fabulously.  Every day before we leave the house, she looks forward to having us take three treats out and give them to her.  She then goes from pug to pug, placing the treats in their mouths.  They’ve totally got her trained, and she loves it!  I even made some pumpkin pies the other day, and she made her way into the fridge, found a butter knife, and scooped out a piece of pie — not to eat, but to give to GADGET!  In other words, it was just like she broke into the fridge and cut a piece of pie for the dogs.   I walked in on this happening, just as Gadget was taking a bite.
This picture is of Gizmo and Martine, asleep.  She loves to sleep with the pugs, still, and, as you can see from this picture, they love to cuddle up with her.
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