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The Easter Pug Has Arrived!


Pugs in bunny ears herald in the arrival of Spring!

It took a while, but we finally got pictures with Gadget AND the little stuffed bunny, because he just kept attacking it! Normally, Gadget doesn’t like to play with toys, but for some reason, sometimes when a toy looks like a little tiny animal, he’ll play with it. That’s exactly what he did this afternoon when we took the pictures in the front yard.


I hesitate to think what all the cars driving by thought when they saw me taking pictures of my dog in a bunny outfit while my daughter and wife watched…

Anyway, Gadget made an appearance as the easter pug last year, but this year is totally cuter. I’m not sure what we will do next year, but I’m sure it will involve pugs and toddlers dressed like bunnies. I actually put the bunny ears on Martine, and she really gives Gadget a run for his money cuteness-wise. If I can get things together next year, there’s going to be some real cute overload going on.

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