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How To Get A Free Pug Puppy


Are you looking for a free Pug puppy? Or, are you just looking for a cheap pug? Either way, you need to read the rest of this post.

First, you are incredibly unlikely to get a free pug. Like it or not, there are expenses involved in breeding healthy puppies. Unless you happen to get about as lucky as winning the lottery, you’re not going to find someone who will just “give” you a free pug. However, there are people who want to sell you a pug, for cheap — but should you buy a Pug from a “cheap” breeder?

First, you must understand that all Pugs are not created equally. Getting a good price on a Pug is not the same thing as getting a better price on a new camera, TV, or new car. Different breeders are selling you different things — from one, you might get a Lexus and from another you might get a Yugo. What makes it a little bit more complicated is that price does not always indicate whether you are getting a good dog. You could find a disreputable breeder who sells their puppies for as much as possible. On the other hand, you may find a very good breeder who is only trying to cover her costs and would be willing to sell their dog for less than it is worth. You might also find a good breeder who charges a fee only to make sure that they give their dogs to good homes, on the theory that people who are interested in a free pug do not have the dedication or resources to take proper care of a dog. However, you are more likely to find a breeder who is selling you a cheap dog because the breeder is set up to produce a large number of puppies without regard for the health and quality of those puppies.


They are running a fast food joint. Just as burger places serve cheap food that will cause you health problems, breeders selling large numbers of cheap pugs will sell you dogs with health problems.

You will get very attached to your puppy, I promise you. Pugs, especially those from puppy mills, are prone to health problems, and it can be very painful to lose a pug early because of this. Also, health problems are EXPENSIVE. While it might save you a small amount of money now, getting a cheap pug will cost you a lot more if you end up with one that has serious health issues. Finally, in the long run, the difference in price between a pug from a reasonably priced reputable breeder and from a puppy mill will not be that much, relative to the cost of regular vet visits, heart worm pills, dog food, and dog toys you will buy.

Also, you should definitely consider a rescue pug. They are definitely not free most of the time, but they are a good way to get a dog. I will talk more about rescue pugs in a future post.

To learn how to tell a good from bad breeders and for more about why it is so important, you absolutely need to read my earlier article on pug breeders.

P.S., If you agree with what I’ve said here and you have your own blog, please link to this post.

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New Orleans Pug Meetup Group

Trixie on her Mommy’s lap

We took Gizmo and Gadget to this month’s New Orleans Pug Meetup event. G&G had fun, talked to some of their friends, etc. Anyway, the pictures are up.

If you’re looking for the site for the group, click here to go to the site.

Gizmo and Gadget are THREE

October 14th is Gizmo, Gadget, and Gonnie’s (Their other brother) birthday, so we went up to Baton Rouge to give the boys a treat and to have some study space. They like going places, doing different things, having a backyard, etc. We went to the dollar store and picked up some toys and snacks for them, and we found a pretty decent Chinese place in BR. Oh, and my image resizing website, resizr.com got mentioned on a big email newsletter on G&G’s birthday, so that was really exciting. I had LOTS of traffic to the website. It’s really rewarding to have people recognize what you’ve created.

Anyway, here are pictures!

Gizmo with his new monkey friend.

I had to buy them. (No, they don’t like them)

Gadget doesnt particularly like this mask either, but it’s really cute on him.

Finally, the CUPCAKES! Yellow cake with chocolate icing. They got some of the yellow cake, but no chocolate.

Oh, don’t forget about the Pug Poetry Contest going on in the forums.  There are only a few entries, so you have a really good chance at winning a prize if you enter.

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Useful Pug Products

Busted Forehead

So, today, I went with Tricia to the local DMV to get her car’s registration address changed.  As we were leaving, the sun was bright and i was squinting, and had my head down.  I opened the door to Tricia’s car, and I hit myself in the head with the side of the door.

I immediately fell to the ground, and when i got up, i was bleeding.  Now, I have a huge gash in my forehead.  We’re doing the whole neosporin thing, but it still is a huge gash in the forehead.

We went to wal-mart after, and for most of the time there, I was really out of it.  It took a a good 2 hours to really clear myself of the bump to the head.

I know the symptoms of concussion.  I really doubt i had one. Just a minor bump to the head with some visible after effects.  It was a good thing that Tricia had a first aid kit in the car, as I was bleeding pretty strongly.

Oh, and don’t forget about the poetry contest.  Check the forums and win a prize! Your poem doesnt have to be metered verse. Even a pug haiku will do!

Pug[crest] Out

Pug Hybrid Purebreeds – Brug?

Ok, so this info is originally from ljcfyi, but I think it’s good enough to post here, too. There’s a list of Hybrid Purebreeds.

I’ve picked out the most interesting Pug Hybrids:

  • Brug (Pug Brussels Griffon Mix)
  • Pugapoo (Pug Poodle Mix) — scroll down to the puppies, once you’re there.
  • Pugshire (Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix)
  • Puggle (Pug Beagle Mix)

There are a lot more, but those were the most interesting looking. I wasn’t sure what the Brugs reminded me of, but Tricia nailed it head on — they look like Ewoks.

Also, there’s been some negativity in the comments. Please, if you’re going to comment, keep it nice. Oh, and if someone does post a nasty comment, I will remove it. Their comments are meant only to incite you. Some strange people have fun going onto the internet and getting people mad at them — they’re called “trolls.” Don’t let their comments bother you, because that’s what they want to happen.

Note: there is a discussion in the forums about this topic.

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Pug Stealing Food

Ok, I did some more “research” and found this. This is absolutely hilarious. Pugs are smart, very smart. You’ll need to double click on this video to get it to play.

Crazy Pug?

Can you believe this?  Lynn’s pug, Roxy, featured in Pugs From Around The World — Katrina Edition, does the craziest thing.

Apparently, when she wants to get Lynn up from bed, she finds a water bottle, brings it to the bed, and opens it.

Diabolical or just plain ridiculous?  Tell Lynn what you think about Roxy in the Urban Pug Forums.

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AquaPug in 3D

Here’s the video of Gadget swimming from this weekend.

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Dog Last Names

I dont know if you give your dogs last names or not, but right now, Gizmo is “Gizmo Miller” and Gadget is “Gadget Kastl” Gizmo was the Pug I picked out from the litter. Tricia’s mom loved Gadget, so she went back and got him, and he eventually ended up with us, which we think is great, but Gizmo was my dog first. He lived with me before anyone else did, so he’s Gizmo Miller. (It also sounds good, something about the M in Gizmo goes well with Miller).

Tricia and I are getting married in a month, and we think Gadget’s going to change his name to Gadget Miller. It doesnt sound as good, but we think he’s going to change it.

Anyway, we call Gadget, “Gadj” (GA softG), and we call Gizmo, “Giz”, “Gizzy”, “Gizmo”, “Mo”, or “Momo.” I try to be more masculine and call him Gizmo or Mo, but that doesnt always happen.

What do you call your dogs? Oh, and for the person who posted on the last post, if you move to the Warehouse District in New Orleans, you won’t be out of place, you’ll be moving to where Gizmo and Gadget live! They like it here except for not having a yard to frolic in.

In a bizarre way, Gizmo and Gadget liked Hurricane Katrina. They got to stay on a pug farm with 40 other dogs, then they got to stay in Baton Rouge with a yard and a situation where they never were left alone, ever, and they had about 6 walks a day. How much better does it get for a dog?

Pug Scoot and Other Videos

Well, at least one other person calls it a “scoot.” See the Hypersnortin’ Pug Scootin’ Boogie.

I’ll have some more pictures soon, but if you really need a pug fix, try that link, or this video of pugs that somehow remind me of my own.

While i’m at it, can you believe this one? swinging pugs!!!!

None of these are gizmo or gadget, but I like them anyway. In other news, wedding progress is, well, progressing. The recent development is work on the wedding program (we’re doing it ourselves). I highly recommend Stamp Diva for all your rubber stamping needs.

Spoiled Pugs!

So, here’s another video I took of the boys playing. I’ve been trying to get more really good videos, but it’s hard to have the camera ready, and when they REALIZE you’re filming them, they start watching you instead of playing.

Anyway, since they had so much attention when we were in Baton Rouge, they’re now finally starting to show their spoiled nature. On certain days of the week when Tricia has to be away all day for school, and I’m away working late, they get REALLY upset, and they’ve started peeing on our couch, in one specific spot, sometimes more than one. We almost always keep blankets on the couch to protect it from pugness, but the level to which we’ve had to wash these blankets is getting ridiculous.

Now, previous to this, they would only “mark” inside the house, or if they HAD to go, they’d go on the pads we put out for them. They still do this when they need to. However, some of this couch-peeing will happen when Tricia’s home ALL DAY with them, leaves for an evening class, and I get home 15 minutes later. So they pretty much had no time alone, but they’re mad that she left them alone, so they get back at her by going on the couch.

What to do? If this keeps up, we’re going to have to go back to keeping them in the hallway while we’re gone.

Ralph the Cairn Terrier

images of pugs

Ralph the Cairn Terrier

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Yesterday, while tricia and i were sitting at the kitchen table, we saw someone walking a pug outside! We ran outside to meet the pug, and her name was Nelly! Tricia really needed her “pug fix” as she hasn’t been able to see any pugs for quite a while.

Anyway, we’ve been talking about Ralph, the terrier who we’ve been living with. Here’s a picture of him!

He’s 15! Can you believe that? He still gets around though, chasing after cats and jumping up onto sofas and the like.

13 days until we can move back in with Gizmo and Gadget!

Pugs Galore!

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Here’s an update! Ipsy’s now pregnant (we think)

Possibly Gonnie (gizmo and gadget’s brother) wasn’t kept quite far away enough from ipsy the last time she went into heat.

So anyway, it looks like we’re going to have some little Ipsigons running around in a few months.

We’re still not in our more permanent residence, so we’re still not living with gizmo and gadget (although Tricia has adopted Ralph, the house resident Cairn Terrier)

Hopefully i’ll get pictures up of Ralph soon.

More Pug City

images of pugs


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Here’s another picture from our trip to Pug City.

In other news, yesterday, i went with my dad from here in Baton Rouge to Kenner and Metairie, which are both suburbs west of New Orleans. Overall, the suburbs weren’t hit THAT badly by katrina. Yes, we’re displaced, but homes are mostly intact. My parents house didn’t even get any water in it.

That doesnt mean things are ok, though. There are tons of people without jobs. Doctors have no patients anymore, so they’re scrambling to figure out what to do. Anyone who owns a store like Symmetry, where i got tricia’s engagement ring, is screwed — They’ve got no customers to buy anything.

My sister, who is a Junior in high school, is still looking for a school to attend here in Baton Rouge. School’s going to be gone in the ENTIRE CITY for a whole year — everyone’s going to have to figure out what to do.

Also, for the last hurricane that came close to new orleans, i went with my parents and tricia to Memorial Medical Center (Baptist Hospital) in uptown new orleans. This time, I was going to do the same thing, until sunday morning, when tricia and i decided not to go there.

my sister has a friend who went with her mother to the hospital. my dad ended up getting out via an airlift (memorial medical center has a helipad) — but they only airlifted patients and hospital employees out. Any hospital employee family OR anyone who had camped out there waiting to be admitted was put either on claiborne avenue or taken to the convention center.

My sister’s friend (a 16 year old girl) was just dumped at the convention center

Every hospital in new orleans was stormed by armed groups of individuals looking for drugs, while the doctors and patients were STILL THERE. Doctors and Nurses were giving each other IV’s to stay hydrated. One of my dad’s residents went catatonic, and we’re not sure if she’s recovered yet.

Anyway, that’s the bad stuff. More positively, those 2000 dollar debit cards you’ve probably been hearing about from FEMA? Well, when I signed up for fema aid, I gave them my bank routing information, so yesterday morning, i had that 2000 dollars in my bank account, without having to wait in any lines. Pretty cool, huh?

Petunia or Gizmo?

pug dog images

Petunia or Gizmo?

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

This is Petunia, AKA “Tunes,” Gizmo’s little daughter — Her mother lives out in Pug City, so this is the first time that Gizmo (and the rest of our family) has met her.

They enjoy playing dress up together.

It’s amazing, she really is! She is so freaking cute. The spitting image of her father.

Right now i’m working on “borrowed” wifi, and I just got an 11-in-1 card reader, so i can transfer pictures from my camera to flickr to urbanpug.com

The word is that my office building may have power, so I may be able to get the real urbanpug.com back online soon.

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