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Pug Hybrid Purebreeds – Brug?

Ok, so this info is originally from ljcfyi, but I think it’s good enough to post here, too. There’s a list of Hybrid Purebreeds.

I’ve picked out the most interesting Pug Hybrids:

  • Brug (Pug Brussels Griffon Mix)
  • Pugapoo (Pug Poodle Mix) — scroll down to the puppies, once you’re there.
  • Pugshire (Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix)
  • Puggle (Pug Beagle Mix)

There are a lot more, but those were the most interesting looking. I wasn’t sure what the Brugs reminded me of, but Tricia nailed it head on — they look like Ewoks.

Also, there’s been some negativity in the comments. Please, if you’re going to comment, keep it nice. Oh, and if someone does post a nasty comment, I will remove it. Their comments are meant only to incite you. Some strange people have fun going onto the internet and getting people mad at them — they’re called “trolls.” Don’t let their comments bother you, because that’s what they want to happen.

Note: there is a discussion in the forums about this topic.

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