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Archive for August, 2007

Lexy’s Visiting & Her New Collar


Lexy’s visiting with us for a week or so while my parents take my sister up to college (She’s at Wake Forest now!). While they’re making the trip to North Carolina, she’s staying with us instead of going to stay in a kennel.

Anyway, we made a pre-school trip to a nearby outlet mall, and we got Lexy a present! The outlet happened to have a COACH store, and we got her a Coach collar. It’s her favorite, she’s sooooo stylish now!

Gizmo’s super jealous!

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For those of you that check Urban Pug often, thanks for reading!  Life’s been busy recently, and now the new school year starts.  I’m now a second year law student, and I’m now a junior member of one of my school’s student-published law journals. (The technology one)  Even though I’m busy, I’m not to busy for my pugs.  My reason for this post is just to say, “hey I’m still here.”

Also, this picture is of Ipsy (named Res Ipsa Loquitur which is both Latin and a legal term which means something like “the thing speaks for itself” — and, if you know ipsy, she sure does speak for herself)

Please Help Lily!

I just got word about a recent rescue.  I won’t post the pictures here because they aren’t pretty.  However, Lily and PugHearts of Houston need your help!  They provide medical care to rescues.

Please consider donating to http://www.pughearts.org/.

Useful Pug Products

Help! Pug Chases Cars!

Kathy just posted in the forums about her pug Lexi who chases cars.

She says:

The [dog] park is surrounded on 3 sides with streets. Everytime a car goes down any of the streets she goes absolutely crazy. She runs in circles, too quickly gets to the end of her 14-foot leash and gets all stressed out. I am afraid that she will snap the leash or somehow get away from me and be injured or killed. I do not know what to do to correct this behavior. I have tried making her sit and watch the car, I have tried treats when she does not go crazy. Neither one worked.

When we lived in Florida Lexi had this same behavior; however, she was in a fenced yard so I just looked at it as a chance for her to excercise. We lived on a curve and she would actually run fast enough to get from one side of the backyard to the other before the car made it to the other side of the house.

When we moved up here I am very pleased (until 3-4 days ago) that she did not have the same behavior. Well, that is not the case now.


If you have any advice, please visit the forums!

Show Dog Game

This is a sponsored post.

ShowDog.com is a website that’s a “simulated dog show” game. This game is similar to other online games where you collect, train, and compete with “virtual” characters, but it’s based on the sport of showing and breeding dogs. As the site claims about itself:

“You are the breeder, owner, handler, trainer, and groomer of your show dogs. You get to manage and budget the rations of food your dogs receive, how you breed your dogs, which shows you enter, and much, much more.”

To play this game, you first must sign up for an account. Then, you can buy some starter virtual dogs and train them, breed them, and put them in competitive dog shows. The game gets pretty intricate, as you can groom your dogs, train them, teach them tricks, change the type of food you feed them, etc. It’s very detailed.

Actually, it’s so detailed that there are 163 different breeds to choose from.

Also, you can take your successful dogs and breed them. Each dog has its own “virtual pedigree” and your online dogs can become champions. Then, once you build up your dogs, you can turn around and sell puppies to other players looking to get better dogs.

The game recognizes its top breeders and top promoters, too. So, if you’re good at playing, everyone will get know about it.

Oh, and the best part of the game? They’ve got pugs as one of the breeds you can play with!

Link: Show Dog Game