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Help! Pug Chases Cars!

Kathy just posted in the forums about her pug Lexi who chases cars.

She says:

The [dog] park is surrounded on 3 sides with streets. Everytime a car goes down any of the streets she goes absolutely crazy. She runs in circles, too quickly gets to the end of her 14-foot leash and gets all stressed out. I am afraid that she will snap the leash or somehow get away from me and be injured or killed. I do not know what to do to correct this behavior. I have tried making her sit and watch the car, I have tried treats when she does not go crazy. Neither one worked.

When we lived in Florida Lexi had this same behavior; however, she was in a fenced yard so I just looked at it as a chance for her to excercise. We lived on a curve and she would actually run fast enough to get from one side of the backyard to the other before the car made it to the other side of the house.

When we moved up here I am very pleased (until 3-4 days ago) that she did not have the same behavior. Well, that is not the case now.


If you have any advice, please visit the forums!

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