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Dairy Queen Tail & Beach Pugs!


A few weeks ago, we went on vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC to visit Tricia’s dad, hit the beach, and hit the outlets. We also visited with his pugs. The one in these pictures is Outy – He reminds us a lot of G&G because, well, he’s almost like another version of them. Very similar looking, except Tricia’s dad keeps him on a very strict diet, so he’s much skinnier than Gadget!

Anyway, the one very unique thing about Outy is his tail. Instead of the relatively more common “one and a half twists,” Outy’s tail has “two and a half twists.” You don’t quite notice it at first, but if you go down and look at it, it really does twist another turn, and it looks EXACTLY LIKE SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM!!!


On top of visiting, we took the pugs to the beach a few times, as Tricia’s dad lives a short walk from the beach. When we went, the weather was really nice, so the pugs could run around quite a bit and not get too hot.

Here’s one of the videos we took on the beach. The smaller pug is Oopsy, and she’s a little brat! She’s very tiny – full grown and her head is half the size of Gadget’s head. She’s light too, as she required less effort to pick up than Martine — I’d guess oopsy is between 10 and 12 pounds. However, she’s completely full of energy. Tricia wanted to bring her home, so Martine could have her own dog — and she’d give G&G another pug to play with (G&G are laid back, Oopsy is not!)

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Extreme Close Up


Last thursday, I finished finals. I’m taking a week off before clerking this summer, so we’re spending the week in Hilton Head, SC to visit Tricia’s dad (and hang out at the beach!)

At any rate, here is a close up photo of Martine and Gizmo I took before we left for vacation. Martine does not mind letting her brother use her head as a chin rest. We think this picture is really cute, and we really want to get some fun comments on this one. So, everyone, here’s a question for you to answer — “What do you think Gizmo is saying in this picture?”

I think he’s saying, “I’m totally the cute one in this picture!!!” Post what you think in the comments.