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Happy Birthday Lexy


Today, Lexy is six years old! Happy birthday, Lexy.

This picture is of Lexy sitting in the swing my parents got for Martine when she’s over at their house. She was pawing on it to figure out what exactly it was the other day, and my mom put her in there and took this picture.

Lexy’s still adjusting to Martine, as she doesn’t get to see her that often, and my parents don’t see Martine every day, so they pay a little bit more attention to her, of course. So, lexy’s just not used to sharing the stage, just yet. She’ll get there.

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Gadget’s Temaril Side Effects


Lexy went back to my parents’ house last night, but not before making another bed out of a box.  This time, it was an empty Sam’s Club Diet Coke 32-Pack.

In other news, Gadget hasn’t had any swelling, but he’s still been itching some.  Also, the Temaril the doctor gave him is making him lethargic and thirsty.  Also, I’m not sure if it’s a side effect of the medicine, but he’s also really hot.  (Side effects of temaril at Yahoo Answers, Pfizer Animal Health.) If you touch his ears or let him lick you, you can just feel that he’s a lot hotter than Gizmo.  I think it’s related.  Anyway, the combination of lethargy and thirst has been causing him to not want to go outside… to pee…  And as a result, well, he’s been just randomly letting it out.  Not even going over to a sofa corner, bed corner, the trash can (the spots they sometimes mark) — he’s just stopping, not even lifting a leg or squatting, and just dropping down a puddle.

It just took me 10 minutes with him outside to get him to pee, most of which was spent with him staring at me, just looking at me.  When he wasnt standing there, he was trying to get past me back into the house.  (Note, it was also fairly wet outside tonight)

I had to carry him into the yard a couple times, but eventually, he decided to “go.”  It was a good thing, too, because he actually did have to go.  He just didn’t want to, for some reason.

Hopefully, this is just the medicine he’s taking, and all will be back to normal soon.  We’re keeping a close eye on his condition!

Lexy’s Visiting & Her New Collar


Lexy’s visiting with us for a week or so while my parents take my sister up to college (She’s at Wake Forest now!). While they’re making the trip to North Carolina, she’s staying with us instead of going to stay in a kennel.

Anyway, we made a pre-school trip to a nearby outlet mall, and we got Lexy a present! The outlet happened to have a COACH store, and we got her a Coach collar. It’s her favorite, she’s sooooo stylish now!

Gizmo’s super jealous!

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