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Remember, Urban Pug is more than just the blog.  It’s Urban Pug Tv, which showcases popular pug videos from YouTube.  It’s the Urban Pug Forums, where people ask and answer questions about pugs.  It’s Urban Pug Pictures, where not only do I post my pictures, but you can post your own.

Urban Pug is also sponsored by the advertisers in the far right column, labeled “Urban Pug Advertisers.”  Right now, they are Barkslope, FunnyFur, and PugSpeak.  Go visit them today!

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how to integrate a new puppy into your family?

Perkins10 writes in the Forums:

“My husband and I will be adding another pug to our family in about 2-weeks. We have a 4yr old female named Yoshi. We are going to be adding a male. We would appreciate any advice that people have on integrating the new puppy. Our Yoshi is the love of our lives and we have spoiled her. We are excited about the puppy, but worried about her adjustment.”

If you have any advice, please go over to the forums and help out!