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Gizmo Gets the Bottom Bunk


We have a bassinet in the bedroom for Martine to sleep in. We have ended up not using it all that much just yet, but we plan to soon. The bassinet is just a small little bed with a mobile and a basket underneath the bed for storage.

Well, the other day I was looking around and I didn’t see Gizmo anywhere. “He was just here,” I thought. I heard some rustling over in the corner of the room, but I didn’t see anything. At first. Upon closer look, I saw that Gizmo had somehow managed to get into this little storage area.

It turns out that this spot is perfect as a pug bed. So perfect, in fact, that it’s now Gizmo has claimed “bottom bunk” with Martine being left to the top bunk. Also perfect (to Gizmo) about this spot is that it’s a secret.


Last night, I got to see Gadget notice for the first time that Gizmo was even *in* there. He walked up to Gizmo, looked confused for a second, walked up to the bassinet and sniffed around, confirming that there was, in fact, a Pug in there. Then, he walked around, looking for a way to get in, but the baby swing is in the way, and he just didn’t figure out that he would have to walk around the baby swing in order so jump in.

So, for now, the bottom bunk is Gizmo’s sole domain.  I think he likes it that way.  Since the initial visit, he’s gone back in there, and every time he just gets comfortable and just looks like he’s in heaven in his “little spot.”

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