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GreatDogSite.com is a site containing general information about dog breeds. This site has a page about almost every dog breed you can think of. Each dog breed’s page includes information about the breed’s appearance, health issues, and training. Additionally, each breed’s page includes the ever popular dog pictures.

Interestingly, anyone can upload their own pictures to the site. So, if you just love seeing your dog’s picture on the internet, you can go over to the pug page to post pictures there. What is more is that the site lets anyone ask questions. While most of the users here know about our forums, if you have another breed, like a Borzoi, you could ask Borzoi specific questions there.

I have a feeling there’s no UrbanBorzoi.com out there for people to ask breed specific questions on.

I feel like this site is a great resource for people who are just curious about dogs in general, and are trying to research what breeds are out there. Also, the site is probably really good for kids. For an informational site like this, I’d like to see a more “clean” design, because that leads you to trust the information more – right now, it appears as though much of the information (at least about Pugs) is straight from Wikipedia. If the site’s going to be a “resource,” I’d like to see more than that.

Finally, since I think the site’s appeal is to people researching dogs, I think a “dog breed match” service would be a great addition, as well as articles about choosing the right breed. Such a service would be great for prospective dog buyers, giving them an easy way to narrow down the type of dog that’s right for them.

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