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Air Filters for Pug Dog Allergies


Dyson, meet Austin. Austin is the newest addition to our allergy prevention family. The Austin Healthmate Jr. is a really high quality HEPA air filter / purification system.

I used to have them at the place where I worked prior to law school, and (in my opinion) they performed really well. However, Tricia thinks that air filters might be more placebo than anything else, but I’m hoping she’ll notice enough of a difference to be converted.

Time will tell!

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Now your pug can go to the oscars!

If there were a pug awards ceremony, what would it be called?  What would the awards be for?

Best pug in a supporting role?
Best original snore?
Best male pug in a dramatic bid for food?
Best pug costume design?

Maybe we should have a “Puggies” award ceremony?

Anyway, there is now a limited edition “Red Carpet Collection” by Little Lily, of dog clothes inspired by fashions from the 2007 Academy Awards.  check it out at Funny Fur (click the “what’s new” button up top)

Clean your pet’s ears and folds with malacetic wipes

So, Malacetic products are those that contain boric acid and acetic acid (vinegar). They’re useful for cleaning hard to reach places on dogs because the acidity isnt so much that it irritates their skin, but it’s enough to kill any bacteria that are hanging around.

We’ve been using something called “epi-otic” to clean Gizmo and Gadget’s ears and folds, but the product is in a bottle, and you have to pour some on a cotton ball, and use that to clean them.

However, my mother’s vet sold her some wipes that already came with the solution, and they seem to work pretty well for Gizmo and Gadget, so I just ordered some. I got a 100 pack of the dermapet brand of wipes for about 15 bucks + 5 bucks shipping.

There’s a thread about pug folds on the forums: “My Pug’s Face Creases

Are there any other brands out there? What do you use? Where do you get it?

Useful Pug Products

Belly Band

Just a quick note, because I’m in the midst of law school finals.  Sometimes, we use belly bands on gizmo and gadget.  The ones I got here are really good and reasonably priced (about 10 bucks each for Pugs) — We have 5 of them in assorted colors.

I’m just posting this to take a little break, and the boys are wearing them right now.  It’s not their favorite thing, but they don’t actively try to take them off.  They probably wouldn’t stay on for 8 hours, though.

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Sloppy Kiss Cards

Occasionally, we’ll be reviewing things on Urban Pug.  Some of these reviews, including this one, are sponsored.  It’s a small amount of money, but it helps pay the bills.  Both Tricia and myself are in school right now, so a few extra bucks really helps out.

Anyway, the first review is of a site called Sloppy Kiss Cards.  The site sends E-Cards for dog lovers, but they’re not just pictures, they’re animated cards, so they are much more creative and interactive than the e-cards you might have gotten a few years ago, or from Urban Pug. (yes, we have Pug E-Cards, too).

Sloppy Kiss Cards costs $9.99 per year, for unlimited E-Card sending.   That might seem like a lot for something that you usually can get for free, and I do kinda think it’s odd that they are doing a “paid e-card” business.  However, they DO have a really large selection of dogs to choose from, including a few pugs, and the cards really are a step above anything I’ve seen anyone do with e-cards before.  You can see a list of the dogs they have available to send, which you can get by clicking here.

So, if it’s your thing, which, if you’re reading this blog, it might very well be, go check out Sloppy Kiss Cards.  Oh, you can look at all the cards, and even build one yourself for free.  You just can’t send them. (So go over to the site and look at them)

They also have a list of dog stories that they base their cards on, and they invite people to submit stories about their dogs.  If you’ve got a good story, submit one to them!

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Gizmo’s New Collar

Barkslope is advertising on the site now, and they sent us a new collar for Gizmo.  This one, in my opinion, looks really good on a fawn pug.  The black collar matches Gizmo’s ears, and the goldish stitching matches the rest of him.

Anyway, we’re off to the pug halloween party.  If you’re interested in a dog collar like this, barkslope sells them.

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Pug Bug!

I just love LJCFYI.

First of all, she’s a Pug Lover.
Second, the blog’s look and feel is just killer. It’s really a truly inspiring site design, to me.
Third, she gardens. (I’m growing rosemary, mint, squash, cucumbers, basil, and tomatoes on the roof right outside my window)
Fourth, she has a volkswagon (So do I)
Fifth, she’s a Pug Lover.

Also, she’s got a Pug Sticker on her car, and she posted it on her blog. How cool is that?

Ipsy on the cover of a Jones Soda Bottle

Ok, I promised it last night, now here it is. Ipsy on the cover of Jones Soda.

Click for a full-sized image

Get the brochure for all four christmas jones soda flavors

Threadless T-Shirt Blog

So, threadless is this t-shirt company that’s more than just a t-shirt company. All their designs are user-submitted, and they’ve got a whole community built into their site.

Just for kicks, I made a post inside my threadless account to my personal “threadless blog” and within 2 hours i had 7 comments. Wow!

My threadless blog is here

Dog Powered Scooter!

I just saw the dog powered scooter off of the Make Blog.

How neat is that? I think we should get one for Gadget to lose some weight.

Yes, pug postcards

Gizmo and Gadget decided (in secret) that they wanted to expand their media empire. Specifically, they thought that their Mommy’s suggestion to make a pug postcard was a good idea. Therefore, I’ve gone ahead and made the very first urbanpug.com postcard!

You can get your very own package of 8 postcards, sized 4×6 at the urbanpug cafepress store

UrbanPug Sticker!

I’ve been playing with cafepress, and I just uploaded a sticker. It’s kinda neat, just like those car stickers you see around.

pug sticker