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Speedy Pugzales

Oopsy is also known as Speedy Pugzales…  Here you see her in the park near our house.  She will stand still and wait for you to call her, then sprint to you!

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Oopsy is Back!

Lots of change. Marigny can crawl now (watch out pugs!) and Oopsy is staying with us again! Here’s a picture of Martine and Oopsy sitting in the basket of Tricia’s bike (for a very short ride – trying to be safe). Keep on the lookout for more… and follow us on Facebook for quick updates that don’t make it here!  Also, if you don’t remember Oopsy, you can click here to check out some previous posts with pictures of oopsy.

Martine and Oopsy in the Bike Basket

Martine and Oopsy in the Bike Basket

What a weekend!

This weekend was super busy with lots of fun things to do. Of course, the holiday began on Thursday, with thanksgiving. You’ll see here what Gadget likes to do…


Just what everyone else does after dinner, take a NAP!


Oopsy likes the sofa too…  each pug took a person.


And there’s no doubt that Oopsy loves Jessica!


On Friday, we took Martine to Lafreniere Park to feed the ducks.  She doesn’t really understand ducks yet, so she kept running after them, trying to hand-feed them bread.  She would run up to them and say “here you go duck.”  We also took Oopsy to the park.


She loved it, but we couldn’t let her get too close to those ducks!!!

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Happy Birthday Gizmo and Gadget!

Today, Gizmo and Gadget turned 6 years old. We celebrated by making them a cake. Here are the pictures:

First, I made the cake batter, and put carob chips on top.
Then, I baked the cake.  The carob chips didn’t melt nicely, so it looks a bit strange.  They tasted good, though!
I decorated the cake with frosting made from cream cheese, honey, cinnamon, and a little yellow food coloring.  If you look closely, you can also see green sprinkles on top, so it’s Purple, Green, and Gold.
Here’s a picture of the cake with the candles lit!  The “4” is for Oopsy, who turned four a little while ago.
Here’s another picture of the candles lit.
Gadget approves.
So does Gizmo.
Oopsy, too.
Happy Birthday Everyone!

Happy Birthday Oopsy!!!

Today, Oopsy is FOUR years old. That means that she was born on September 29, 2005, which means that Oopsy is a “KatrinaPug.” She was born in the aftermath of the storm. A lot has changed since she was born, but we’re still here, blogging and photoblogging all about pugs!

Happy Birthday Oopsy! Time for some Dog Birthday Cake.

A Basket Case for Pugs


Martine has discovered playing in the laundry basket, and she has also discovered that it’s a whole lot more fun if you can fit some pugs in there, too. Oopsy is actually the easiest to fit in there, but she only tolerates being in there for so long. Gadget (as you can see in the video) wants absolutely nothing to do with this game. However, Gizmo, I think, actually LIKES being in there. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures or video, but he’s actually kinda relaxing in there, just chillin, putting his chin on the edge of the basket.

After a little while, Oopsy wanted out, but Gizmo didn’t want to get out until everyone else was leaving the room.

Picture Captioning


A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Facebook, and asked people to suggest possible “picture captions.” I said I’d post the best ones to Urban Pug, but I couldn’t decide, so I’m putting all of them here.

Remember, you can become a “fan” of Urban Pug on Facebook, just go to http://www.facebook.com/urbanpug, and click “become a fan.” Then, you’ll be able to get Urban Pug updates in your stream. Anyway, here’s the picture and the captions.

  • Uh oh….don’t think this bag will meet the airline weight limit
  • I swear, Officer, I don’t know how it got into my bag…
  • The culprit of the pug smuggling ring captured!
  • Uh oh! You caught me!
  • It was HER idea, honest! She made me do it!
  • I just do what she tells, me….
  • Shes with me!!!
  • How did this puggie get into my bag and what is that smell?? And where is my lunch??
  • Kisses now come in a handy carrying case
  • Don’t look at me. She’s the one in a diaper!
  • Who farted?
  • Don’t judge! We are on our way to the try outs for the remake of Caddyshack!
  • What did I forget ???…Got me..Got Best Friend…Yes
    I have everything I need.
  • Well, I had a coupon.
  • Martine had a little pug that followed her to school one day. It was against the rules, so what is Martine to do?
  • Have pug will travel…

What’s your favorite? Do you have another suggestion? Leave a comment and let us know!



Oopsy loves to sit on top of the middle pillow of our leather sofa. This is a close up of her up there, almost hiding behind half of the pillow. I thought this was a good snap of her up there.

Also, I just found out that Gadget’s going to be in the Cute Overload 2010 Calendar! (I think for his easter pug pictures that made it to their site this year and last.)


Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to update. Since the last update, I’ve graduated from law school, had a big party at the house, and started the grueling bar exam review process… Along with taking care of three pugs and a baby who can now do LOTS more than she could a few months ago, including get into lots of stuff she shouldn’t be into!

Here are a few pictures that include Martine playing next to the baby pool w/ Oopsy, Oopsy & Gizmo taking over Martine’s Toddler Bed, and Martine NOT giving Gadget his Chicken Jerky! Just look at Gadget’s face, he’s saying “Oh no you didn’t!”


She Can Stand!


So, as this picture shows, Martine is now capable of standing.  However, she’s still a ways from doing it without holding on to anything or actually going somewhere once she stands up!  I thought this picture was good because it shows Gizmo and Gadget doing what they always do — Gizmo is sitting on the chair, and Gadget is sitting underneath — except that now they’re doing it with Martine in the picture, too!

Oh, and I have a funny story about Oopsy.  So, for some reason, and only at certain times, Oopsy acts afraid of me, and this only happens when it’s time to eat.  She won’t take treats from me, and she won’t eat her food right in front of me.  She’s also a little bit the same way around Gizmo or Gadget, only eating after they’ve left.

Anyway, whenever we leave the house, we put all the pugs in the kitchen, which has two exits.  We close the door at one exit, and we have a dog gate on the other exit.  So, usually, we  just give G and G a chicken jerky each, and we’re on our way.  Well, with Oopsy, I can’t do that, because she won’t get it — she’ll let Gizmo or Gadget have it (and they WILL take it if she doesnt!!).

I didn’t want her to be the only one not getting any chicken jerkies, so I had to do something about it!  Well, the dog gate on one of the exits to the kitchen only goes down so close to the ground because of the molding at the bottom of the walls.  Basically, there’s about 8-12 inches of molding from the floor up, and the dog gate can’t expand to fit properly in the whole space.  This leaves that 8-12 inch space below the gate.  Also, Oopsy is smaller than both G&G, and one day I realized (when we got home and she wasn’t in the kitchen) that Oopsy was capable of shimmying underneath the dog gate!

Once I realized this, it became clear that the easiest way to give her the chicken jerkies (and her food generally) was to put it on the other side of the gate!  She can get it whenever she wants, and she’ll be protected from either Gizmo or Gadget’s taking it.

And, yes! It works just fine.  However, it’s worked SO WELL that there’s an unintended consequence!  Normal pug behavior when chicken jerkies are about to be dispensed is to BEG.  Well, Oopsy’s behavior is now to run into the kitchen, past Gizmo and Gadget begging, and to shimmy under the gate as fast as she can!

Who says Pugs aren’t smart?

More on Oopsy


First, Oopsy just turned THREE years old this week. Happy Birthday Oopsy! Now, some of you may have been wondering, “why is a dog named Oopsy? that is such a strange name!” — Well, yes, it is a weird name, but she got her name (officially, her show name is “Oops”) because Tricia’s parents (who breed pugs) did not intend for Ipsy (Oopsy’s mother) to get pregnant. Therefore, she’s an “Oops”

Also, here’s another funny thing about having a dog that responds to a commonly used word – whenever through circumstance we actually USE the word “oops,” Oopsy thinks we’re talking to her. She’s very good about coming when called — she will come running from the next room whenever she hears her name called. However, because we say “oops” in other context, she ALSO comes running whenever we’ve just made a mistake!

Talk about living up to your name!

The picture is of Oopsy taking a nap on our bed with Martine. Oops is really hyper, but when she calms down, she’s very loving. She just (still) needs to learn not to step on us!

Three Little Pigs


This is a picture of Gizmo, Oopsy, and Martine, all together on the bed. Oopsy is still learning what it’s like to live here, and she’s got some things down, but not others. For example, she knows that the best place to be at night is right on top of Tricia’s head, hogging all the pillows. However, she doesn’t yet fully appreciate, “don’t step on the humans.” She will walk on top of you without understanding that you want her to walk around you. This isn’t so bad for us (Oopsy is light), but even though she’s not anywhere near aggressive towards Martine, she’s a little bit… inconsiderate? Oblivious?

Oopsy definitely is a good dog, but she just needs to learn the rules a bit better.

Meet Oopsy!


Meet Oopsy.  She is a nearly three year old pug, which means that she was born right after Hurricane Katrina and lived as a very young puppy in Pug City (and here).  Her mother is Ipsy (who was on a Jones Soda Bottle), and her father is Gonnie, who is Gizmo and Gadget’s brother.  That means that G&G are her uncles!

Oopsy is going to live with us either temporarily or permanently, it’s not entirely clear yet.  However, for the time that she is here, we wanted to have her stay with us for a few reasons.  First, she’s very little.  She’s half the size of Gadget, easily.  That means that we now have a “little pug” for our “little girl” (Martine).  


Second, Oopsy is very active.  She runs around and and plays a lot.  Gadget does not run around and play.  He’s totally laid back.  Gizmo, on the other hand, does like to play.  However, it’s hard for a Pug to play when only one Pug wants to play.  Having Oopsy around means that Gizmo now has someone to chase.

There’s lots more to say about Oopsy, and I’ll get to it in time. So, for now, we’re living with three pugs, all of whom want to sleep in the bed that only has so much room.