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She Can Stand!


So, as this picture shows, Martine is now capable of standing.  However, she’s still a ways from doing it without holding on to anything or actually going somewhere once she stands up!  I thought this picture was good because it shows Gizmo and Gadget doing what they always do — Gizmo is sitting on the chair, and Gadget is sitting underneath — except that now they’re doing it with Martine in the picture, too!

Oh, and I have a funny story about Oopsy.  So, for some reason, and only at certain times, Oopsy acts afraid of me, and this only happens when it’s time to eat.  She won’t take treats from me, and she won’t eat her food right in front of me.  She’s also a little bit the same way around Gizmo or Gadget, only eating after they’ve left.

Anyway, whenever we leave the house, we put all the pugs in the kitchen, which has two exits.  We close the door at one exit, and we have a dog gate on the other exit.  So, usually, we  just give G and G a chicken jerky each, and we’re on our way.  Well, with Oopsy, I can’t do that, because she won’t get it — she’ll let Gizmo or Gadget have it (and they WILL take it if she doesnt!!).

I didn’t want her to be the only one not getting any chicken jerkies, so I had to do something about it!  Well, the dog gate on one of the exits to the kitchen only goes down so close to the ground because of the molding at the bottom of the walls.  Basically, there’s about 8-12 inches of molding from the floor up, and the dog gate can’t expand to fit properly in the whole space.  This leaves that 8-12 inch space below the gate.  Also, Oopsy is smaller than both G&G, and one day I realized (when we got home and she wasn’t in the kitchen) that Oopsy was capable of shimmying underneath the dog gate!

Once I realized this, it became clear that the easiest way to give her the chicken jerkies (and her food generally) was to put it on the other side of the gate!  She can get it whenever she wants, and she’ll be protected from either Gizmo or Gadget’s taking it.

And, yes! It works just fine.  However, it’s worked SO WELL that there’s an unintended consequence!  Normal pug behavior when chicken jerkies are about to be dispensed is to BEG.  Well, Oopsy’s behavior is now to run into the kitchen, past Gizmo and Gadget begging, and to shimmy under the gate as fast as she can!

Who says Pugs aren’t smart?

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