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Archive for April, 2009

More Luchador Pugs

A classmate of mine knows I like pugs, and sent me this link to some luchdor pugs. Without even thinking about how strange it was, I showed her Shelby’s Luchador Costume.

It was only after I sent her the link that I realized how ridiculous (or awesome!) it is that I already have that in my head.

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Martine Hugs Gizmo

Martine loves hugging the pugs. Gadget will get slightly annoyed with her and walk away. Oopsy is skittish, and will avoid her too. However, Gizmo will tolerate her much more, and when he does, this is what happens — he gets lots of hugs.


Happy Easter!


The last three years, Gadget has been the Easter Pug. This year, it’s Gizmo.

However, the second picture is Gadget with the ears on, pouncing on the grass. He wasn’t in the mood to sit still for Easter Pictures, so he let Gizmo have his turn.

Useful Pug Products

Does your pug play fetch?

Does your pug play fetch? Ours don’t. However, we have a child for that.

You can see HD versions of the video on youtube or on facebook.

Mukilteo Pug


We are at a wedding outside of Seattle this weekend, and the pugs couldnt come with us, so all we got to take is Tivo, Martine’s toy pug. So, this is a picture of Tivo in front of the Mukilteo Ferry at the Silver Cloud Inn in Mukilteo, Washington.

There wasnt much time to do much of anything besides attend the wedding events, but we did get to go eat Fish and Chips (Tricia had Clams) for lunch at a Fish and Chips stand called Ivar’s. We even saw someone with a PUG at the Fish Stand! The stand is there because there’s a public park nearby and because people waiting for the ferry need to get a quick meal while waiting… The wait for the Ferry when we arrived was 90 minutes!!!

Ok, it’s a joke.

I don’t think I fooled anyone, but yes, it was a joke.