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Archive for October, 2006

Happy Pug Halloween

Lots of stuff to post today! We went to the New Orleans Pug Meetup Group’s Pug-O-Ween party this weekend. Here’s the video.

Gizmo and Gadget went as Pigs

Roxy went in a Disney sweater

Others went as sailors, a streetcar, spider man, and a fire hydrant!

Lexy didn’t go, but she had a Tigger costume.

Oh, and don’t forget. Today is the last day to submit your entry into the Pug Poetry Contest.

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Gizmo’s New Collar

Barkslope is advertising on the site now, and they sent us a new collar for Gizmo.  This one, in my opinion, looks really good on a fawn pug.  The black collar matches Gizmo’s ears, and the goldish stitching matches the rest of him.

Anyway, we’re off to the pug halloween party.  If you’re interested in a dog collar like this, barkslope sells them.

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Gadget Wakes Up

pug dog images

Gadget Wakes Up

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

So, Gadget went to sleep with one of his new toys, and he looked really cute, so I went to take a picture of him. I snapped a few, but then he woke up and i caught this!

How cute is this picture?

Oh, and remember, there are only a few more days left to enter the Pug Poetry contest in the Urban Pug Forums

Useful Pug Products

Gizmo and Gadget are THREE

October 14th is Gizmo, Gadget, and Gonnie’s (Their other brother) birthday, so we went up to Baton Rouge to give the boys a treat and to have some study space. They like going places, doing different things, having a backyard, etc. We went to the dollar store and picked up some toys and snacks for them, and we found a pretty decent Chinese place in BR. Oh, and my image resizing website, resizr.com got mentioned on a big email newsletter on G&G’s birthday, so that was really exciting. I had LOTS of traffic to the website. It’s really rewarding to have people recognize what you’ve created.

Anyway, here are pictures!

Gizmo with his new monkey friend.

I had to buy them. (No, they don’t like them)

Gadget doesnt particularly like this mask either, but it’s really cute on him.

Finally, the CUPCAKES! Yellow cake with chocolate icing. They got some of the yellow cake, but no chocolate.

Oh, don’t forget about the Pug Poetry Contest going on in the forums.  There are only a few entries, so you have a really good chance at winning a prize if you enter.

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Paris Hilton has a Pug?

Speaking of celebrity jumping on the bandwagon, it looks like Paris Hilton may now have a pug.

Just because Pugs are in the Toy Group doesn’t mean that they are actual toys.  Let’s hope Paris takes good care of her new friend.

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Pug in the Water

pug dog images

Gizmo in the fountain

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Today, we took the boys to a nearby park for a walk. There’s a fountain there, and Gizmo hopped into it! He really wanted to cool off a little bit after running around and playing for a while.

If you click the picture, it’ll take you to flickr, where there is a picture of gadget in the fountain, lying down. He was hot enough so that the water didn’t bother him as much as the heat. I chose this picture to post instead of Gadget just because gizmo’s SO HAPPY in this one.

Oh, and don’t forget about the Pug Poetry Contest. We already have two entries. You don’t have to be a pro, and you could win a cop of “Pug Therapy” and P is for Pug T-Shirt!

Busted Forehead

So, today, I went with Tricia to the local DMV to get her car’s registration address changed.  As we were leaving, the sun was bright and i was squinting, and had my head down.  I opened the door to Tricia’s car, and I hit myself in the head with the side of the door.

I immediately fell to the ground, and when i got up, i was bleeding.  Now, I have a huge gash in my forehead.  We’re doing the whole neosporin thing, but it still is a huge gash in the forehead.

We went to wal-mart after, and for most of the time there, I was really out of it.  It took a a good 2 hours to really clear myself of the bump to the head.

I know the symptoms of concussion.  I really doubt i had one. Just a minor bump to the head with some visible after effects.  It was a good thing that Tricia had a first aid kit in the car, as I was bleeding pretty strongly.

Oh, and don’t forget about the poetry contest.  Check the forums and win a prize! Your poem doesnt have to be metered verse. Even a pug haiku will do!

Pug[crest] Out

Pug Therapy – Pug Poetry Contest, Win the Book!

Pug Therapy, I’d say, goes by the pug motto, Multum in Parvo, which roughly translates to, “A lot in a little.” It’s a fairly small sized book, but inside, it’s packed with lots of really cute pictures to brighten up any Pug lover’s day. It contains lots of pictures of pugs in various places, doing various “pug” things. If you read through it, you’ll see, “Hey! this picture is like my pug!” probably at least once. That’s a good thing. It shows how pugs are universal, and how they can really be lots of fun or get you through some tough times.

I’d say this book would make a great gift to any pug lover, and it’s fairly reasonably priced, only about $10 at amazon (click the image to go there).

Anyway, to promote the Urban Pug Forums, we’re giving away a Gizmo and Gadget autographed copy of the book, along with a P is for Pug T-shirt and a Pug bumper sticker to the winners of a contest.We’ll have first and second prizes. First place gets an autographed copy of Pug Therapy plus a T-Shirt or similarly priced product, and second place gets a bumper sticker of your choice.To win the prizes, you have to go over to the urban pug forums, and post some original “pug related” poetry. It can be simple, as long as it’s creative. We’ll judge based on how closely you reflect the “pug spirit”Entries must be posted in the “Pug Poetry” section of the forum, and they must be posted on or before November 1, 2006.

Good Luck! — Oh, and PLEASE let everyone know about this contest!

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The Hunt for Pug October

Ok, the title has nothing to do with the picture, I just thought it was funny.

So. This month is going to be busy. We’ve got the Pug Meetup Halloween party, Gizmo and Gadget’s birthday (they’re three!), and oh yeah, we’re in law school.

Oh, I just got a package in the mail the other day of Pug Therapy, a cute little picture book about pugs!. Random House asked me to review it! Can you believe that? I’ll be working on putting a review up when I can. Also, to let everyone know, they sent me TWO copies, so I can have a contest to give away the second copy!

When I review the book, I’m going to put up the rules for the contest, too. However, I’m pretty sure the contest is going to have something to do with posting in the forums.

More later!