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The Hunt for Pug October

Ok, the title has nothing to do with the picture, I just thought it was funny.

So. This month is going to be busy. We’ve got the Pug Meetup Halloween party, Gizmo and Gadget’s birthday (they’re three!), and oh yeah, we’re in law school.

Oh, I just got a package in the mail the other day of Pug Therapy, a cute little picture book about pugs!. Random House asked me to review it! Can you believe that? I’ll be working on putting a review up when I can. Also, to let everyone know, they sent me TWO copies, so I can have a contest to give away the second copy!

When I review the book, I’m going to put up the rules for the contest, too. However, I’m pretty sure the contest is going to have something to do with posting in the forums.

More later!

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