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Archive for November, 2006

This is how ridiculous Gizmo is.

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Gizmo gets in the luggage #3

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Gizmo has got to be one of the most persistent, ridiculous pugs there is. He will put himself in the place HE wants to be in, which is usually on top of whatever’s available, especially if it’s comfortable.

Here, he’s on tricia’s bag, as she was unpacking from a small trip we took to baton rouge for the weekend.

To his credit, he is cute.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but right now, he has made his way to the top of the kitchen table, and he’s resting his head in the middle of a book that’s open and upright on one of those book holder things.

Completely Ridic!

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Small Dog Mall

Sponsored Post:

Small Dog Mall is an online pet store that sells all sorts of useful and novelty pet products. So far, my favorite is the “Little Dog Fez Hat

They also sell ID tags, grooming supplies, which you may need periodically. More importantly, they sell a bunch of dog sweaters. I just showed the site to Tricia, and she spent the last 30 minutes browsing all their products. If your dog has personality, there are just so many really fun things that you’ll want to get.

We might just get the “Snuggle Bucket” for Gizmo.

Or some Doggles for Gadget.

They also have a section for projects, which includes baking, sewing, knitting, and christmas projects. The baking project shows you how to bake homemade dog biscuits, and you can flavor them regular, peanut butter, or apple cinnamon, depending on your dog’s taste.

Building on the baking project is the christmas project, which teaches you how to make a dog christmas tree, decorated with dog the homemade dog biscuits you just made.

Finally, there is a sewing project that shows you how to make a cuddly blanket for your dog.

Overall, they have a great selection of products, and they deserve a bookmark in your web browser. Pets are a big industry these days, and Small Dog Mall demostrates exactly why.

Pug Turkey Coma

images of pugs

Pug Turkey Coma

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Attention all pug owners: Your pugs want turkey! They want it now! Their sense of smell is a lot better than yours, and they’ve been sitting around smelling that turkey all morning. It’s torturous! Just a few pieces is all they ask. Pleeeease give them some! They will love you forever.

Some gravy, too. Oh, and cranberry sauce would be nice.

Did you say there was pie? They’re going to need some of that, too.

The picture is of Gizmo, knocked out last night. Not from turkey, yet.

Useful Pug Products

Pet Award Certificate Maker

Sponsored Post:

Pet Boogaloo has a Free Pet Award Certificate Maker that I’m reviewing. Basically, it’s a fun little tool that lets you make printable “certificates” for your pet. The program has four steps.

In the first, step, you enter your name, and your pet’s name. I had a problem here, because there wasn’t enough room for me to give an award to both Gizmo and Gadget.

In the second step, you enter what the award is for. You can select from one of the pre-made awards, such as “Honorable Hound” or “Wondrous Tail Wagger”

In the third step, you can select a background color for your certificate, a border style, and a decoration for the document. The borders are things like paw prints, bones, stars, or snowflakes. The “decorations” are things like a “seal” to make the document look official, bones, stars, birthday cakes, etc.

In the last step, you can upload an image of your pet that gets inserted into the document, to really personalize your certificate.

Then, you’re done. All that’s left to do is print! Overall, this tool is pretty neat, especially for those of us that are pet-crazy. So, if you’re looking for something fun to do, especially if there are kids around, this could be a fun project that passes some quality time.

Eye Problems?

Has your pug ever had eye problems?  Gizmo’s had a scratched cornea before.  It wasn’t fun, but he recovered in a week or so.  Leeder asks in the Urban Pug Forums if anyone else’s pugs have had eye problems?

I know it’s an issue with the breed, with their lack of eye protection.  However, I’m curious if other people actually have had this kind of problem.  Let us know in the forums.

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Sloppy Kiss Cards

Occasionally, we’ll be reviewing things on Urban Pug.  Some of these reviews, including this one, are sponsored.  It’s a small amount of money, but it helps pay the bills.  Both Tricia and myself are in school right now, so a few extra bucks really helps out.

Anyway, the first review is of a site called Sloppy Kiss Cards.  The site sends E-Cards for dog lovers, but they’re not just pictures, they’re animated cards, so they are much more creative and interactive than the e-cards you might have gotten a few years ago, or from Urban Pug. (yes, we have Pug E-Cards, too).

Sloppy Kiss Cards costs $9.99 per year, for unlimited E-Card sending.   That might seem like a lot for something that you usually can get for free, and I do kinda think it’s odd that they are doing a “paid e-card” business.  However, they DO have a really large selection of dogs to choose from, including a few pugs, and the cards really are a step above anything I’ve seen anyone do with e-cards before.  You can see a list of the dogs they have available to send, which you can get by clicking here.

So, if it’s your thing, which, if you’re reading this blog, it might very well be, go check out Sloppy Kiss Cards.  Oh, you can look at all the cards, and even build one yourself for free.  You just can’t send them. (So go over to the site and look at them)

They also have a list of dog stories that they base their cards on, and they invite people to submit stories about their dogs.  If you’ve got a good story, submit one to them!

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Forums Poetry Contest Winners

1st Place: An Ode to Morning
2nd Place: Short Pug Play


If you won, please send a quick email to matt@urbanpug.com


Gizmo and Gadget on Desire

images of pugs

Gizmo and Gadget on Desire

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

This weekend, we tried to go to the Mirliton Festival in the Bywater. Unfortunately, Saturday was a “no dogs” day, so we couldn’t get in. We did, however, get some pictures of Gizmo and Gadget on Desire street. The lettering of the street name is common throughout certain parts of new orleans, and, to many, iconifies the city.

Shelby’s Pug Halloween Costume

You have to check out Shelby’s halloween costume. It’s one of the best pug costumes i’ve ever seen!

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Pug in a Pig Costume

images of pugs


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

This picture is Tricia’s favorite. You can see the pig face as well as Gadget’s face. It’s pretty cute.

Anyway, it’s now too late to enter into the pug poetry contest, so we’re now going to be judging them.

Here are the entries:
Young Pug
The Joy of a Pug
Lola the Pugj
Short Pug Play
An Ode to Morning

We’ll be looking somewhat at comments, if you give any, so go ahead and let us know what you think of them!