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Sloppy Kiss Cards

Occasionally, we’ll be reviewing things on Urban Pug.  Some of these reviews, including this one, are sponsored.  It’s a small amount of money, but it helps pay the bills.  Both Tricia and myself are in school right now, so a few extra bucks really helps out.

Anyway, the first review is of a site called Sloppy Kiss Cards.  The site sends E-Cards for dog lovers, but they’re not just pictures, they’re animated cards, so they are much more creative and interactive than the e-cards you might have gotten a few years ago, or from Urban Pug. (yes, we have Pug E-Cards, too).

Sloppy Kiss Cards costs $9.99 per year, for unlimited E-Card sending.   That might seem like a lot for something that you usually can get for free, and I do kinda think it’s odd that they are doing a “paid e-card” business.  However, they DO have a really large selection of dogs to choose from, including a few pugs, and the cards really are a step above anything I’ve seen anyone do with e-cards before.  You can see a list of the dogs they have available to send, which you can get by clicking here.

So, if it’s your thing, which, if you’re reading this blog, it might very well be, go check out Sloppy Kiss Cards.  Oh, you can look at all the cards, and even build one yourself for free.  You just can’t send them. (So go over to the site and look at them)

They also have a list of dog stories that they base their cards on, and they invite people to submit stories about their dogs.  If you’ve got a good story, submit one to them!

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