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Archive for July, 2009

Advice for a fellow Pug owner?

Kirsten, a new Urban Pug reader writes in,

[My Pug] is 3 years old and I love him to death but he hates TV. Commercials get him every time, and it must be loud noises that catch his attention. He jumps on the TV and attacks it and doesn’t stop. I have tried the squirt bottle but he just runs in circles and then jumps back onto the TV…any advice?

I honestly have no clue about what would make a Pug act like that. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Done with the Bar Exam!


So, I’m finally done with Law School and the Bar Exam. Now, I have a little bit of free time after doing nothing but study for the last 2 months. I do have a huge to-do list, though.

Anyway, I was browsing through photos today, and I came across these old photos (May 2005). I think they show two really cute pugs, if I do say so, myself!

Martine can now tell the pugs apart

Check out this video:

Useful Pug Products

Pug Shedding

Someone asked me about how to stop pug shedding the other day. I wrote up a big post about how to stop pug shedding three years ago, but here’s my current strategy. My current thoughts are that you can’t do that much to stop it. Diet can influence shedding somewhat, but not all THAT much, at least in my case. I feed my pugs Tripett Advanced Skin and Coat Formula with their meals. Anyway, my strategy is that you can’t STOP the shedding, but you can reduce it for relatively long periods of time. Please note that all pugs are different. I’m mainly dealing with Gadget’s fur — he has a very thick undercoat which sheds a lot. Your experience may vary.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Furminate Heavily
  2. Give Bath
  3. Dry Thoroughly, Wait until completely dry. Hair Dryer on cool setting is also good.
  4. Furminate Heavily Again
  5. Furminate Heavily Again
  6. Wait two days for the shedding to end
  7. Vacuum everywhere.

If you do this, you blow enough hair off of the coat to make it so that the shedding is minimized for a good lengthy period of time, until the hair builds back up. Then you have to repeat.

What do you do to stop shedding? What have you tried that doesn’t work? Please let everyone know, and leave a comment!

Stroller Pug

Can you believe this? CRAZY.

Tricia found this via DListed. You can also watch it on Urban Pug TV.



Oopsy loves to sit on top of the middle pillow of our leather sofa. This is a close up of her up there, almost hiding behind half of the pillow. I thought this was a good snap of her up there.

Also, I just found out that Gadget’s going to be in the Cute Overload 2010 Calendar! (I think for his easter pug pictures that made it to their site this year and last.)

Spaghetti Pugs

Watch all the way til the end. The Pugs are our clean up crew!