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Tripett Green (unbleached) Tripe Dog Food Review


Several weeks ago, Tricia’s Dad sent us a case of the dog food he’s been feeding his Pugs. Since then, we’ve tried it out with Gizmo and Gadget to success. The food is from a company called Tripett, and it’s rather unusual as far as dog foods go. Usually, you hear about dog food containing chicken, lamb, beef, rice, and the like. However, the premise behind Tripett is that it’s made primarily from tripe.

“What is tripe?” you ask. It’s cow stomach. And to make it a little bit more gross, Tripett uses Green Tripe (green just means that the tripe is pure and unbleached) and they include the contents of the stomach. It’s just like the tripe you’d see in the grocery store (tripe is used to make the Mexican soup, Menudo) except it hasn’t been bleached or processed.Yes, it’s kinda disgusting when you think about it. However, there’s a reason for using it as dog food — dogs love it and it is very nutritional. The stomach and partially digested grass are rich in digestive enymes, gastric juices, amino acids, and essential fatty acids — all things which are very important. What’s more is that dogs are natural hunters (although I have trouble seeing either Gizmo or Gadget on a hunt!) and as hunters, have a natural instinct to eat that part of their prey because it is so nutritional. Therefore, they go bonkers for the stuff.

Because of this, Tripett is great for dogs who are picky eaters. From our perspective, Gizmo and Gadget both really, really like it and we have not had any diarrhea or vomiting with this food. Tripett is extremely gentle on Gizmo’s sensitive stomach.

Ok, so what are the downsides? There are two. First, the food smells kinda funny. This probably has something to do with the fact that it hasn’t been processed and it’s only been minimally cooked. The only cooking they do is in the canning process to prevent spoilage. We heard it smelled funny, so we were expecting “bad” — but, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. It’s by no means “pleasant” in the sense of “pine forest fresh,” but it’s not vile, either. The second downside is the price. It’s a tad expensive. However, this is limited by the fact that Tripett is not meant to be the only source of your dog’s food. It’s meant to be a supplement. We mix a few tablespoons in with each dog’s dry food, making the dry food much more appetizing to them. So, if you look at Tripett more as a supplement for good health rather than a dog food, it’s reasonably priced.
What are the positives? Well, I’ll tell you. We have had a hard time finding food that is both good for the boys, is good tasting, and doesn’t irritate Gizmo’s stomach and doesn’t give either one of them diarrhea. That alone is enough for me. However, we are also seeing other benefits. After eating Tripett for two months, G&G’s coats look really good. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but they’re just prettier, somehow, and they shed less.

Yes, they shed less. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still monsters of shedding, but it’s one of those things where you realize you’re cleaning up slightly less hair than you used to.

Tripett sells a few different varieties of their product.

Gizmo and Gadget have been eating the Advanced Skin & Coat Formula, which includes omega 3 and 6, and is 100% pure meat, no fillers and no preservatives or artificial ingredients. They love it, and from all I can tell, it’s done a good job with their coat.

Tricia’s Dad has also told us that the food is good for their joints, which will help keep them feeling good and being more active for longer, which is a definite plus in my book.

Finally, I’d like to say that while the idea of shipping dog food might seem a little bit ridiculous, especially because big cans of dog food are heavy, Amazon really does have a good price on the food. The price makes up for the fact that you’re paying for shipping. Also, if you order larger quantities, the shipping cost comes down relative to the price of the food itself, making it not so bad. And, if you just want to “test it out,” they sell small 5.5 oz cans for under 2 dollars, so you can try it out without spending too much money.

Have you tried Tripett? Or, have you found another really good alternative dog food? Please, let everyone know and leave a comment!

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