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Gadget and Martine are Cute


Martine is 11 weeks old, and she’s becoming more aware of the world every day. Those in the world, specifically her brothers, are also becoming more and more aware of her every day. Gadget is really shy, but he’s also extremely loving, and licking is one of his ways of expressing that. He’s started to want to snuggle more with Martine, and he’s started licking her feet whenever he gets the chance! He’s learning more about her, and he’s showing that he treats her just like he treats his parents.

Gizmo, on the other hand, does not lick. He’s a bit more possessive than Gadget, as he thinks he’s higher up on the totem pole. He knows that I’m number one, but he’s right up there in the #2 spot, with everyone else in the house below him.

When we go places, sometimes, he will “mark” Tricia, signalling that she is his, and those other pugs best be stepping away from her. Well, when we got home last night, Gizmo “marked” Martine. Ack!

Well, it actually wasn’t that bad. She was in her car seat still, and nothing got on that, just on the floor. We’ll be a bit more careful next time.

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Gizmo Watches Martine and Gadget Freaks Out


Here’s a picture I took the other day of Gizmo watching over Martine.  I had her in her car seat / stroller, sitting right next to the sofa where Gizmo likes to sit when we let him. (though we do try to keep them off the sofas in the front of the house as that’s where visitors will sit)

Gizmo hopped up there and it looked as though he was watching over Martine.  I’m not sure whether to think “protective” lookout or more like… “royalty looking over his subjects.”  Somehow I think it’s more the latter.

Anyway, one more interesting thing.  The Pugs go from being entirely indifferent to the baby to being intensely curious.  Today, Tricia was in bed, and Martine was in her car seat / stroller right next to the bed.  Now, Gadget’s usually laid back except under certain circumstances, he will just get really happy or excited and roll around and play for a few minutes, then go back to normal.  Well, tonight that happened, except I think something inside his noggin “clicked” and he realized what exactly this little thing was, because he just wanted nothing else but to look at her.

He climbed through the covers and over Tricia to try to reach where Martine was sitting, and once he got there, he just wanted to lick her head.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a lick or two, but this is Gadget we’re talking about, he’s a licking machine and she was sleepy.   So, we had to keep him back a little bit, but he just had this HUGELY happy expression on his face, and he wanted nothing else but to watch her!

None of his behavior was at ALL aggressive, he was just happy as could be.  It’s as if just then he realized, “wait a second, this is a new PERSON!!!!   I LOVE PEOPLE!!!!”

And yes, he loves people (when he’s not too shy to show it).