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More Luchador Pugs

A classmate of mine knows I like pugs, and sent me this link to some luchdor pugs. Without even thinking about how strange it was, I showed her Shelby’s Luchador Costume.

It was only after I sent her the link that I realized how ridiculous (or awesome!) it is that I already have that in my head.

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Happy Halloween


Tricia bought Martine a monkey costume this year, and we took pictures out in the front yard with the pugs and our pumpkins.


After we did that, though, my dad somehow found out about a “special” costume for sale at K-Mart, and he got this “special” costume for us. It was so perfect for us, that we had to take another set of pictures.

I don’t think this requires any extra explanation. Happy Halloween!


Dog Halloween Costumes

If you’re planning on getting costumes this year for Halloween, it’s about time to start thinking about what you want to do for your dog. Fortunately, FunnyFur has just updated their selection of costumes.

Check out their costume selection!

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