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Cracked Nail – Ouch!

Last week, Gizmo cracked one of his nails, and it was really deep.  We noticed when there was blood on his paw and we had to figure out how it got there.  As soon as we noticed, we cleaned him up a bit, and Tricia put some antibacterial stuff on his nail.  However, we’ve really just had to deal with pain this week.  He hasn’t been running around as much, and he’s walked with a limp, not wanting to put pressure on his paw

Because he hasn’t been walking as much, it’s been just me and Gadget on walks in the morning this week, and Gadget has totally loved the extra attention he gets.  I think he feels “special” getting to be the only pug on the walk.  In the mornings, he’s actually been getting up and wanting to go out, rather than staying in bed like he usually does.  It’s really kinda cute that he likes going alone so much.

Anyway, Gizmo’s nail is healing well, and he actually did go on a walk this morning.  It still looks kinda gross, and it probably will hurt when I try to trim his nail later, but I really don’t think there was much we could do for him.  Well, besides keep it clean (which he does a good job of himself, actually) and try to keep his nails trimmed (in order to keep this from happening again).


Actually, if you want to trim your pug’s nails, I recommend a Dremel tool for the job.  They even make a “pet” version of it.  Dremel tools will give you a better looking end result than just a regular old nail clipper.

Also, here is a picture of Gadget and Martine, sleeping together.  She really loves them, and they get excited to see her when we’ve been out.  They totally think of her as one of the family, which we think is great.  We’ve been really busy for the past few weeks, and it’s not going to let up anytime soon, but I really hope to get more pictures up.  We keep taking them, and they continue to be cute.  We just need to get the time to SHARE them!

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Playtime for Baby and Pugs!


This first picture is of everyone in bed early in the morning. You can see Gadget and Martine next to each other — she’d just been playing with him. And, you can also see Gizmo over on the right still zonked out in his most recent ridiculous place — between the pillows, half stuck between the headboard and Tricia.  He loves being up there sleeping on Tricia’s head, and I think he got into this position when she woke up and sat up in bed, kinda sliding underneath the pillows as she propped herself up on an extra pillow.


Anyway, Martine continues to grow and learn about the world around her, including the pugs! Whenever they walk by her, she now smiles really big at them, and she will also reach out at them. If one of them (usually Gadget) sits down right next to her, she will kinda-sorta try to pet them. It’s really, really cute when she does it. But, I just haven’t been able capture a candid moment like that on video, just yet.

Martine Laughs at Gadget

This is just a quick post, only one video, and probably not as cute as it was in person, but it’s of Gadget and Martine.  They’re looking directly at each other, and he’s licking her, and she’s laughing at him.


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