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This Pugstar is Fully Operational, Lord Pugdor

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Gizmo & Gadget at their best

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

I’ve finally had the chance to get urbanpug back and running properly! I’m back on my k6-2 266 server running in downtown new orleans.

Actually, I was really liking the virtual server i got for work, and was also using for urbanpug. That was provided by aktiom.net, who gave us free setup and a couple months free because of katrina.

Anyway, back to now. We’re still staying in the same house we were staying in, but we’re getting very close to moving into our own house here in baton rouge. Then, Gizmo and Gadget will be able to come stay with us (FINALLY!) — That should happen sometime next week. Officially, we get to start moving things into the house on sunday, but who knows the exact day we’ll move into the new place.

Also, Tricia and I were going to be staying at Pug City right now, because her parents were taking some pugs to the AKC Pug Nationals in San Antonio — however, that’s kinda messed up because of Hurricane Rita.

Honestly, I think this whole thing is about global warming, or at least some long term weather trend, because last winter was very mild (as we found out at the beginning of flea season — if you don’t get more than 3 consecutive days of freezing, flea eggs dont die, and you’re in for trouble).

So last winter was mild, and this summer has been super hot. That together means that the oceans are warmer, especially the Gulf of Mexico, which is really what’s fueling these storms.

Ok, finally — I posted this picture, even though it’s been posted before, because it’s my favorite picture, and I wanted a little celebration for the re-opening of urbanpug!

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Ralph the Cairn Terrier

images of pugs

Ralph the Cairn Terrier

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Yesterday, while tricia and i were sitting at the kitchen table, we saw someone walking a pug outside! We ran outside to meet the pug, and her name was Nelly! Tricia really needed her “pug fix” as she hasn’t been able to see any pugs for quite a while.

Anyway, we’ve been talking about Ralph, the terrier who we’ve been living with. Here’s a picture of him!

He’s 15! Can you believe that? He still gets around though, chasing after cats and jumping up onto sofas and the like.

13 days until we can move back in with Gizmo and Gadget!

Pugs Galore!

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Here’s an update! Ipsy’s now pregnant (we think)

Possibly Gonnie (gizmo and gadget’s brother) wasn’t kept quite far away enough from ipsy the last time she went into heat.

So anyway, it looks like we’re going to have some little Ipsigons running around in a few months.

We’re still not in our more permanent residence, so we’re still not living with gizmo and gadget (although Tricia has adopted Ralph, the house resident Cairn Terrier)

Hopefully i’ll get pictures up of Ralph soon.

Useful Pug Products

More Pug City

images of pugs


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Here’s another picture from our trip to Pug City.

In other news, yesterday, i went with my dad from here in Baton Rouge to Kenner and Metairie, which are both suburbs west of New Orleans. Overall, the suburbs weren’t hit THAT badly by katrina. Yes, we’re displaced, but homes are mostly intact. My parents house didn’t even get any water in it.

That doesnt mean things are ok, though. There are tons of people without jobs. Doctors have no patients anymore, so they’re scrambling to figure out what to do. Anyone who owns a store like Symmetry, where i got tricia’s engagement ring, is screwed — They’ve got no customers to buy anything.

My sister, who is a Junior in high school, is still looking for a school to attend here in Baton Rouge. School’s going to be gone in the ENTIRE CITY for a whole year — everyone’s going to have to figure out what to do.

Also, for the last hurricane that came close to new orleans, i went with my parents and tricia to Memorial Medical Center (Baptist Hospital) in uptown new orleans. This time, I was going to do the same thing, until sunday morning, when tricia and i decided not to go there.

my sister has a friend who went with her mother to the hospital. my dad ended up getting out via an airlift (memorial medical center has a helipad) — but they only airlifted patients and hospital employees out. Any hospital employee family OR anyone who had camped out there waiting to be admitted was put either on claiborne avenue or taken to the convention center.

My sister’s friend (a 16 year old girl) was just dumped at the convention center

Every hospital in new orleans was stormed by armed groups of individuals looking for drugs, while the doctors and patients were STILL THERE. Doctors and Nurses were giving each other IV’s to stay hydrated. One of my dad’s residents went catatonic, and we’re not sure if she’s recovered yet.

Anyway, that’s the bad stuff. More positively, those 2000 dollar debit cards you’ve probably been hearing about from FEMA? Well, when I signed up for fema aid, I gave them my bank routing information, so yesterday morning, i had that 2000 dollars in my bank account, without having to wait in any lines. Pretty cool, huh?

Petunia or Gizmo?

pug dog images

Petunia or Gizmo?

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

This is Petunia, AKA “Tunes,” Gizmo’s little daughter — Her mother lives out in Pug City, so this is the first time that Gizmo (and the rest of our family) has met her.

They enjoy playing dress up together.

It’s amazing, she really is! She is so freaking cute. The spitting image of her father.

Right now i’m working on “borrowed” wifi, and I just got an 11-in-1 card reader, so i can transfer pictures from my camera to flickr to urbanpug.com

The word is that my office building may have power, so I may be able to get the real urbanpug.com back online soon.

We’re in Baton Rouge

Tricia and I drove from Houston to Baton Rouge last night, getting in at about 1 AM. My parents, myself and Tricia are all staying in a home with a very gracious doctor my dad met at Women’s Hospital. We’re staying here until we’re able to move into a home that my parents just bought — it’s nothing fancy, but it will do just fine.

There are lots of very dynamic, interesting forces at play here, with Baton Rouge going from 250k to 500k people literally overnight. Everyone’s looking for work, homes, etc. luckily, i’ll still have some kind of work, and Tricia’s in law school at LSU. It looks like everything’s going to be OK for now, for us.

However, I’m hearing stories of things that have happened to people, and I feel the need to tell some of them later on, but not just yet.

Also, Tricia’s parents are here in Baton Rouge too, and they’re staying with the Littles of DuLittle Pugs. So, they’ve got the whole fleet of Silk Dragon pugs with the fleet of DuLittle pugs (both pug showers/breeders) — making THIRTY SEVEN pugs staying in one place. The name of this place is no longer Pug Central, it’s now Pug City.

Today, we’re going to be reunited with Gizmo and Gadget.

I’ll get some pictures — more later!


I know it’s not normal pug-material (i’ll get to that once i get my computers set back up again), but here are two articles i found interesting about new orleans and katrina.

One by Anne Rice in the NYT

Another one

Gizmo, Gadget, and Gonnie are safe!!!