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As an example of some of their content, the most recent newsletter is about a company that’s selling dog collars. An excerpt, “The sailors knot collar is so cute we wanted to hit the high seas right there and then. Any of your dog owners who live near the water or lake area will love this collar.”

The new website design is much easier on the eyes, which makes it easier to find old articles, which are a very good resource. If you’re into fun pet stuff, I recommend you check out their archives.

Oh, and the best part? There’s a picture of a PUG! Well, maybe not. Maybe, the best part of their site is the fact that they make a donation for each person who subscribes. Yes, they make a donation to “Casa De Los Ninos” for each new subscriber, so you should go there and subscribe if for no other reason than to help out a good cause.

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New Pug Puppy!

images of pugs

You can’t catch me!!!

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

So this weekend, we went to the Pug Meetup group, and there was a new member! Everyone loved seeing the really tiny puppy. I think her name is Chloe.

We took Lexy, along with Gizmo and Gadget. Tricia’s parents have given away some of their pugs, so we got to see some of them at the meetup.

Chrissy was there, and so were two post-katrina pugs (you may have seen them as tiny puppies when I posted pictures around that time). Anyway, one of them was sired by Gizmo and Gadget’s brother, and the resemblance was striking. He looked like a combination of Gizmo and Gadget — Beautiful!

In the picture, Lexy spent half the meetup fixated on this puppy. It’s funny, because when she had puppies, she didnt want anything to do with them. Now, she’s totally into it. Maybe it’s because she didnt have to carry this one around in her belly for a long time that makes her not dislike it.

Don’t forget, if you have a question, bring it over to the Urban Pug Forums

Also, if you’re a flickr member, please click on the photo of the puppy and leave comments / favorite the photo!

H Doodle Birthday Club

I just noticed this feature about H Doodle:  The H Doodle Birthday Club.

You sign your dog up, and they’ll receive “cool treats from H. Doodle during their birthday month” — We’ve still got a ways to go before G&G turn 4, but I’m sure going to do it!

Useful Pug Products

Pug Football Season

images of pugs


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Gadget is suddenly a Saints fan. (Or maybe he’s just pretending to get the treats?) What kind of treats do your dogs like? Let us know in the forums

Also, H Doodle is now a sponsor of Urban Pug. Check their store out, they’ve got some great products for small dogs.

Clean your pet’s ears and folds with malacetic wipes

So, Malacetic products are those that contain boric acid and acetic acid (vinegar). They’re useful for cleaning hard to reach places on dogs because the acidity isnt so much that it irritates their skin, but it’s enough to kill any bacteria that are hanging around.

We’ve been using something called “epi-otic” to clean Gizmo and Gadget’s ears and folds, but the product is in a bottle, and you have to pour some on a cotton ball, and use that to clean them.

However, my mother’s vet sold her some wipes that already came with the solution, and they seem to work pretty well for Gizmo and Gadget, so I just ordered some. I got a 100 pack of the dermapet brand of wipes for about 15 bucks + 5 bucks shipping.

There’s a thread about pug folds on the forums: “My Pug’s Face Creases

Are there any other brands out there? What do you use? Where do you get it?

Clean Dogs!

pug dog images


Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Gizmo and Gadget recently got their first bath in a real tub, and here’s a picture of Gadget in there. I find that they shed A LOT right after I give them a bath, but it dies down. I think that it’s because the bath loosens a lot of their hair and removes a lot of the natural oil from their coats.

Anyway, I was at Sam’s and I found this stuff called “Minute Groom” — It supposedly has some natural oils in it that will help. We’ll see if it works or not, because man, after bathtime, pugs shed like crazy. If you have any solutions for shedding, go make a post in the forums, let us all know what you do. I’ll get one started.

In other news, they boys are settling into their new house. Gizmo is finding more places to hop up onto (the window sill, anywhere where there’s a bunch of pillows) and gadget’s getting sneaky.

Today, Gadget sneaked into the cabinet and pulled down the bag of chicken jerky (we’re talking a huge bag of it), and was about to start chowing down, right when tricia caught him.

During the day, the boys are staying in the kitchen, which is completely closed off, with no corners or tree-like objects for them to have the urge to mark, so they’ve been doing relatively well during the days while we’re out. Other times, though, we’re having a bit of trouble. We’re not sure if they’re getting mad at us or what. I think it’s time to start getting them some more walking time (just for the exercise and mental health aspects, not the actual need for them to relieve themselves. They get plenty of “outside” time now, so much to the point where they don’t really wanna go half the time, cause that would mean that they’re not sleeping on your head, at your feet, or otherwise right next to you.

Pugs in a U-Haul

images of pugs

Pugs in a U-Haul

Originally uploaded by jmatthew3.

Here’s a picture of Gizmo and Gadget in the U-Haul while we were moving. We were able to bring most of the stuff to the new place with Tricia’s SUV, but the BIG stuff doesn’t fit there, so we had to rent a truck.

Gizmo and Gadget helped, of course.

We’re mostly moved in, and i’ll start posting pictures of us in the new place, including some REALLY CUTE pictures of their first bath in a LONG time (i’ve been giving them showers since we didn’t have a bathtub)

Anyway, we both start school again tomorrow. First day. Ick.

Gotta get back into school mode.