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Petaholica is an email newsletter published every Monday and Wednesday that discusses, “pet luxury, designers, new products, reviews, deals and sales.” They bill themselves as “The Newsletter for Savvy Pet Owners.” There are three lists you can subscribe to, Petaholica Anywhere, Petaholica Cats, and Petaholica New York.

As an example of some of their content, the most recent newsletter is about a company that’s selling dog collars. An excerpt, “The sailors knot collar is so cute we wanted to hit the high seas right there and then. Any of your dog owners who live near the water or lake area will love this collar.”

The new website design is much easier on the eyes, which makes it easier to find old articles, which are a very good resource. If you’re into fun pet stuff, I recommend you check out their archives.

Oh, and the best part? There’s a picture of a PUG! Well, maybe not. Maybe, the best part of their site is the fact that they make a donation for each person who subscribes. Yes, they make a donation to “Casa De Los Ninos” for each new subscriber, so you should go there and subscribe if for no other reason than to help out a good cause.

Link: Petaholica

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