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Archive for February, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!


Gadget is enjoying his reign this year as King of (Pug) Mardi Gras. No, King of Mardi Gras is not Rex, it’s Gadget.

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My Puggy Valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day from Urban Pug! We hope everyone has a great day!

The first picture, I call “Longing for You,” because of how Gizmo is looking out of the window, as if he’s waiting for someone. The second picture is “Lover Pug.” Isn’t Gizmo cute in these? He actually had a lot of fun shooting these, as it was HIM that was getting the attention, over the others.

Also, we would have included some candy in this Valentine’s Day post, but uh-oh, Gadget ate it! Too bad, maybe next year!

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Martine’s Safety Blanket…


Martine’s Safety Blanket is not a blanket. It is a pug. At night, when she is trying to get comfortable while sleeping, she grabs for … PUG FUR.

The pugs don’t mind. I they just snuggle up with her just like anyone else. Just about the only problem is that they don’t always realize that stepping on her isn’t very nice to do. So, we have to be careful when letting them up into the bed, so as to avoid any accidental “wake ups.”

Useful Pug Products

If your Pug were a TV Network…?

If your Pug were a TV Network, which network would it be? For us, Gadget would, of course, be Food Network with a little bit of Disney mixed in there because he’s all cute and cuddly. Gizmo would be Bravo, with a bit of Telemundo because he’s a bit edgier, and he loves Latinos. Oopsy would be a combination of Oxygen and VH1.

What would your pug be? Why?

Dog Behavior Problem Tip #1 – Exercise

One of the most common reasons why dogs have problems is because they’re not getting enough exercise. You see, when you leave, your dog can’t read books, watch TV, or play video games. So, he gets bored and has no outlet for his energy. And, when your dog has lots of energy, he will look around for things to do. Those “things” he finds to do are what we consider “behavior problems.”

So, one of the best things you can do to correct problem behaviors is to make sure your dog gets lots of exercise. A tired dog is a good dog.

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Happy Birthday Martine!


Saturday, we had Martine’s first birthday party! We got her a Cupcake Cake from The Kupcake Factory. We had to pick a theme for the cake, so what do you think we picked?

A Pug, of course!