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Happy Birthday Gizmo and Gadget!

Today, Gizmo and Gadget turned 6 years old. We celebrated by making them a cake. Here are the pictures:

First, I made the cake batter, and put carob chips on top.
Then, I baked the cake.  The carob chips didn’t melt nicely, so it looks a bit strange.  They tasted good, though!
I decorated the cake with frosting made from cream cheese, honey, cinnamon, and a little yellow food coloring.  If you look closely, you can also see green sprinkles on top, so it’s Purple, Green, and Gold.
Here’s a picture of the cake with the candles lit!  The “4” is for Oopsy, who turned four a little while ago.
Here’s another picture of the candles lit.
Gadget approves.
So does Gizmo.
Oopsy, too.
Happy Birthday Everyone!

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Pug-O-Ween 2007 (Pug Halloween Party)


Today was the second annual Pug-O-Ween Party hosted by the New Orleans Pug Meetup Group. We had a GREAT turnout, with LOTS of pugs coming in costume! There was a really wide variety of costumes — space pugs, rabbits, spider-pugs, devil-pugs, vam-pugs… I can’t begin to list all the costumes. So, take a look at the pictures, and I’m putting the vids I took on YouTube — I’ll post links to them when they’re up!

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