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Dog Food They Really Like

We’ve had problems with finding food that satisfies two requirements:

  1. Gizmo and Gadget must LIKE the food.
  2. The food must not cause either Gizmo or Gadget any type of gastrointestinal problem. (No vomiting or diarrhea)

For a long time, we fed them Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul brand dog food. They liked it as much as any dog likes dry dog food. However, occasionally, Gizmo would vomit — maybe as often as once per week. So, we started trying different foods. Changing foods in itself can cause problems, most notably, diarrhea.  To combat this problem, we would mix something like Science Diet Sensitive Stomach or canned pumpkin into their food.  Ultimately, even if we got them adjusted to the food, by the time this happened, they’d get tired of the food, not eat it, and beg for food (more than usual).

This became an even bigger problem when we started giving them less food,  twice per day (for Gadget to lose weight) because when they don’t like food, they pick at it during the day.  If there’s only a limited amount of food and they know it, they’ll still pick at it, but they also get a little bit territorial — well, Gizmo gets territorial and doesn’t let Gadget eat his share.  Because of this, the ideal situation is one where we can put food down twice per day and have them gobble it up right away.

Here’s our solution.  We’re now giving them limited portions of canned food only, twice per day.  Also, we rotate which canned food we give them.  We’re using Innova EVO and Wellness brand canned food.  Both of them come in several flavors with similar ingredients.  Wellness comes in flavors like Chicken+Sweet Potato, Lamb + Sweet Potato, and Whitefish + Sweet Potato.  Innova has no grain options, duck, venison, etc.  My point is that both come in several flavors and that they’re similar enough so as to not cause digestion problems.  The rotation of flavors keeps them interested in the food — they never get “bored of eating the same thing over and over.”  They both gobble up their food right away because they like it!

The cans say to give a certain amount of food per dog weight, but we’re giving less than that, for several reasons.  First, they aren’t very active.  Their day consists of following us from room to room, barking a bit, and one approximately 20 minute walk.  Oh, plus some sleeping, snuggling, and begging for whatever bits of our food they can get.   Second, we’re trying to get Gadget’s weight down.  Having a few less calories than necessary is good when we want him to lose weight.

Gadget’s weight is down, though I’m not sure how much.  He’s looking slimmer, and he doesn’t get as hot as he used to.  Because of this, he is now sleeping in bed all night, as opposed to his previous “hop out of bed and go sleep on the tile floor in the bathroom to cool off.”  He still doesn’t jump up on the bed by himself (he can do it, he just doesnt) — though I think this is more because he’s scared to jump than because he thinks he can’t do it.

What do you do for feeding?

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Take Your Dog to the Vet!!!


Today, Tricia took Gizmo and Gadget to the vet. We take them to Metairie Small Animal Hospital — they see Dr. Martin. Tricia took them for just a simple, routine visit, but there were two outcomes from this visit — one surprising and another not-so-surprising. First, as we already knew, Gadget’s a bit hefty. Today, he weighed in at 26.1 pounds. Now, that’s big for a Pug, you say. And yes, it is big for a Pug. However, both Gizmo and Gadget were bred to be show pugs, and they’re both champions.

Their body frame is different than many Pugs you might see around — it’s somewhat bigger, with thicker bones. Moreso than Gizmo, Gadget’s frame is VERY stocky. It’s just how he’s built. I know this is the old, “I’m not fat, I’m just big boned,” argument that’s been told over and over again. However, it’s really true with Gadget. Even though he’s 26 pounds, he only stands to lose a few pounds. Under 22 pounds for Gadget would be REALLY underweight for him! Anyway, the outcome for Gadget is that we’re going on a diet. Both of the boys will be getting two smaller meals per day, and their caloric intake will be monitored. We’ll also feed them such that they eat small enough meals such that we can put two plates of food down, they’ll eat (and finish) the food, then we’ll pick things up. We’re going to stop the “here’s a plate of food, eat it whenever you want, we’ll refill it tomorrow sometime” routine.

The SURPRISING news, however, is that Gizmo has a small tumor in his mouth!!! If you look in his mouth the right way, it appears as though there’s a mass of tissue right above one of his teeth. It’s like his tooth is coming out of a little ball. The vet seems to think that mouth tumors aren’t good things, but right now we’re hoping that either it’s just a benign growth or that we caught it early enough such that it’s not a big issue. We’ll find out in a couple weeks when they both go in for teeth cleaning (and Gizmo gets a biopsy)

Regardless of everything that went on at the vet today (they even got shots!!), Gizmo had a GREAT time, and both Gizmo and Gadget LOVE all the attention they get at the vet from everyone who “just wants to squeeze” them because they’re “like little teddy bears.” (especially Gadget)

The picture is of Gizmo, Gadget, and Dr. Martin. Gizmo’s on the left, and he just looks incredibly happy!

P.S., the moral of the story is that you should TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET!  You never know what he/she will find!