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Clean your pet’s ears and folds with malacetic wipes

So, Malacetic products are those that contain boric acid and acetic acid (vinegar). They’re useful for cleaning hard to reach places on dogs because the acidity isnt so much that it irritates their skin, but it’s enough to kill any bacteria that are hanging around.

We’ve been using something called “epi-otic” to clean Gizmo and Gadget’s ears and folds, but the product is in a bottle, and you have to pour some on a cotton ball, and use that to clean them.

However, my mother’s vet sold her some wipes that already came with the solution, and they seem to work pretty well for Gizmo and Gadget, so I just ordered some. I got a 100 pack of the dermapet brand of wipes for about 15 bucks + 5 bucks shipping.

There’s a thread about pug folds on the forums: “My Pug’s Face Creases

Are there any other brands out there? What do you use? Where do you get it?

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