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Martine hugs Tivo and Gizmo


Meet Martine’s new Pug! We found this stuffed pug at Target, and we had to get it for her. Actually, at first, both Oopsy and Martine were scared of it, each in their own different way. It didn’t take Oops that long to realize that there was nothing to be afraid of, but it took Martine a few days. Eventually she figured it out, and now she LOVES it. I am pretty sure she realizes it is not just any stuffed animal, but a PUG.

Tricia named the stuffed Pug after our favorite household gadget. She named the stuffed pug TIVO.

I’m sure we’ll accumulate lots of stuffed pugs, and I’m sure they’ll all get named. She’s going to have a very pug-filled childhood…


Also, now that Martine is crawling around more, she can do what amounts to one of the cutest things possible.  She crawls over to her pug brothers and hugs them! This is very fleeting, and both Pug and Baby are moving quickly in poor indoor lighting, which makes it very difficult to photograph. I think this one is one of the best.

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